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The Matrix Flame is a spiritual artifact in the Generation One continuity family.

Now if only he'd drop to his knees and scream "NOOOO!"...

The Matrix Flame is located on Cybertron inside the capital city of Iacon. It is a small flame mounted on a green dais and is the living embodiment of the Creation Matrix.

The Matrix Flame appears to have a dual role as both a spiritual connection to the Creation Matrix and also as a way to tap its power in order to grant life to new Transformers. It had just given life to Ultra Magnus,[1] a powerful new Transformer designed to aid the Wreckers, before the Flame suddenly and mysteriously extinguished...


Marvel Comics UK continuity

When the carrier of the Creation Matrix, Optimus Prime, was transported to the Limbo dimension as a result of the time jump made by Galvatron, the Matrix Flame was extinguished. This alerted the Autobots on Cybertron to the fact the Matrix holder may have died without passing the Matrix on to a successor. In order to establish the truth, the leader of the Autobot resistance on Cybertron, Emirate Xaaron, sent Ultra Magnus to Earth with orders to discover what had happened to Optimus Prime.

At first unable to find any sign of the missing Autobot leader, Ultra Magnus eventually learned that Galvatron’s time jump had removed Prime to the Limbo dimension. With the help of Hot Rod, Kup and Blurr, who had also travelled to the past, Galvatron was tricked into returning to his own time causing Optimus Prime to reappear and restoring the Matrix Flame. Target 2006


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