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The Matrix Blaster (マトリクスブラスター Matorikusu Burasutā) is an Arms Micron weapon formed from Gora II, Gul, Zori M and the Matrix. It's very powerful but difficult to fire repeatedly, though this is probably not as big an issue as creating the weapon to begin with, given that the Microns involved are all Decepticons.


From the Cybertron Satellite, Transformers Division

"Infinite Transformation! Multiplying Enemies"

The members of Tokyo Girls' Style built a toy Matrix Blaster and armed Optimus Prime's Space Blaster Mode with it, prompting Vector Sigma to briefly describe the weapon's advantages and disadvantages.



  • Starscream (Voyager, 2012-06-30)
    • ID number: AM-07
  • Megatron Darkness (Voyager, 2012-7-28)
    • ID number: AM-15
  • Arms Master Optimus (Weaponizer, 2012-09-29)
    • ID number: AM-21
  • Zori M (AMW Micron, 2012-09-29)
    • ID number: AMW-10
The Matrix Blaster is formed by combining the separately-sold Gora II and Gul into a gun barrel and Zori M and the Matrix into a handle.


  • "Matrix Blaster" is the Japanese name of the Energon Blaster from Energon.
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