The Matrix Blade is a weapon from the Robots in Disguise continuity.
Optimus wields the Matrix Blade RID Cartoon

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The Matrix Blade is the ultimate expression of the power of the Matrix of Leadership shared by Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus in their combined form of Omega Prime. In moments of desperate need, the energy of the Matrix will burst forth and coalesce into the absurdly huge sword, the power of which few foes can withstand.

Japanese name: God Fire Sword


Robots in Disguise cartoon

While Omega Prime and Galvatron engaged in a one-on-one battle at the centre of the Earth, the Autobots' human ally Koji was busy attempting to re-energize the drained Fortress Maximus. When Koji informed children all across the world of the Autobots' plight, their desire for the Autobots to succeed infused Fortress Maximus's harmonic resonance protocols with energy - energy which the giant then redirected through the Global Space Bridge to Omega Prime. The Matrix within Omega Prime's body was flooded with this energy, and brought forth the Matrix Blade, which Omega Prime was able to use to end the tyranny of Galvatron once and for all. The Final Battle


Car Robots

  • God Fire Sword (2000)
A blue redeco of the Master Sword included with the Japanese releases of Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus, the Matrix Blade was originally available only as the prize in a currently unidentified contest. The sword came with two handles: the original, allowing it to be held by Fortress Maximus, or the longer, staff-style handle seen in the cartoon, which allowed it to be held (sort of) by the Omega Prime toy. It should be noted that this was effectively an either-or proposition, as the handles are not made to be interchanged once attached.
  • God Fire Convoy (2000)
The God Fire Sword was later made more widely available (comparatively speaking) as part of a gift set exclusive to Toys R Us Japan, which featured translucent versions of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus. This version did not include the original handle for the sword.
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