Masumi Kaneda (金田益実 Kaneda Masumi) is a Japanese writer, born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1958. He is the executive director of KND Company. Kaneda mainly works as a writer to plan and organize various character media from publishing to audio-visual industry.

Interviews with him make him seem... somewhat eccentric.

"So, what were the themes of Masterforce?"

"Well, they were basically just as depicted in the anime, but essentially "Super-god" (cho-jin) meant that in surpassing the gods, you return to the human being itself. This topic also relates to the ending. You see, Black Zarak changed into a serpent mode. Imbuing it with the most sinister meaning, we named it "Scorpention" (dakatsu), a snake/scorpion in both name and shape. With Giga and Mega as Adam and Eve, we likened Earth to the apple. And likewise, Black Zarak was the serpent that cast Adam and Eve out from Eden. That was the concept we placed in the snake form."
―Interview with Kaneda in Transformers Generations

Major works

Original writer and planner
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