After their miracalous reformatting by the Oracle, the amnesiac Maximals must accustom themselves to their new forms, but at the same time they come face to face with the source of their troubles.

Japanese title: Breaking of the Wild (野性の調教 Yasei no Chōkyō)


Underground, where the Vehicons have failed to look, the four Maximals gather. Under the teachings of Optimus Primal, the team tries to learn of their new Technorganic transformation abilities. However, it is no longer simple command codes, but now requires emotional balance and deep concentration since their reformatting at the hands of the Oracle. Cheetor and Blackarachnia manage to use their Technorganic transformations properly, but Rattrap still has trouble with his new body. But their time in robot mode is short, as a rumbling shakes the chamber before a Mole Drone emerges from the ground and attacks the Maximals. Because the shock was so sudden, Cheetor and Blackarachnia have lost their focus and are forced back into their beast modes.

Optimus leaps in front of the frightened Maximals and collects the incoming blasts, all the while explaining that the duo reverted because they lost their emotional balance. Blackarachnia angrily enquires what is the point for transforming in their new forms if they can't do it under fire. Primal destroys the mindless Vehicon with a blast of energy produced from the blasts, but knows it's time to leave, hopefully to find a new base and continue their transformation lessons. However, his idea is met with mild rebuff by Cheetor and Blackarachnia, who both believe that they should seek out any survivors and reformat them, using them to destroy the drones. But Optimus overrules them, saying they need to get a handle on their new transformations before they go out looking for trouble. They split up as two parties and begin a two-pronged search for a new base. Blackarachnia and Cheetor are paired together (real smart pairing them up, ya big munky), and Rattrap and Primal go the opposite way.

Cheetor and Blackarachnia (with some goading on Blackarachnia's part) decide to go topside and see what they can find from the lands above. As soon as they clamber up from the caves, they discover that they are in Cybertropolis, the new capital of Cybertron after Iacon's destruction. But there is a problem; Cybertropolis should be home to "1,000,000 fellow Transformers", but the duo find the entire city deserted, and Cybertron InfoCore has been deleted.

Before the pair can investigate further, they are attacked by Aero Drones, and plunge off the side of a building before they can slide to safety. As he runs, Cheetor attempts to transform, but he hasn't found his spiritual center yet and remains in beast mode. Blackarachnia traps two of the jets with her webs, but more arrive. Fortunately, so does Optimus, accompanied by the rat. He quickly takes to the air to take out some of the drones, but is soon overwhelmed.

Cheetor and Blackarachnia manage to transform, and they quickly dispatch a portion each of the drones, Blackarachnia using electrical "stinger" energy and Cheetor's scimitars. Optimus scolds Cheetor for disobeying orders, but is intruiged at their findings. Optimus orders the group to head to the Council Citadel, hoping to find answers. Rattrap moves ahead of the rest of the group but encounters a team of Tank Drones guarding the gates. Optimus orders Cheetor and Blackarachnia to hold off the drones while he investigates inside. When he gets inside, he heads to the chambers of the Maximal Elders but not before having to try and abandon a group of Cycle Drones and make it the rest of the way before the entrance in Primal's direction closes off.

Reaching the council meeting room, Primal comes face to face with the leader of the drones—Megatron, now encased in a suit of control armor. He greets Primal cordially, and decides to "fill in" the gaps in Primal's memory. Megatron claims that he won the Beast Wars, and that he decided to remodel Cybertron into his own image, one of technological purity, devoid of organic life. Thus, he explains, came the Vehicons, sparkless Transformers who will serve Megatron and crush Primal's "mongrel" Maximals.

However, the Maximals manage to survive the Vehicons, their technorganic bodies and Spark-powered ingenuity foiling the mindless might of the drones. Frustrated by the Maximals' survival, and with some goading by Primal, the enraged Megatron breaks free of his harness and transforms into his Transmetal 2 dragon mode, deactivating the drones in the process. Primal (now in robot mode) and Megatron fight, but after being trapped by, and with insults courtesy of, Optimus, Megatron escapes and tortures Primal with words about him being the loser of the Beast Wars and about billions of Transformers' sparks on primal's hands (Optimus growls with rage; "What have you done with them!?") before reconnecting to his control harness and summoning more Vehicons, mocking Primal all the while;


The Maximals arrive, and barely manage to drag Primal away.

When the Maximals inquire about what happened, Primal speaks to himself that all this happened because he failed to destroy Megatron. However, it is now up to Primal to correct that mistake.

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Maximals Vehicons


Optimus: "Free your minds, let go of old thinking. Focus on the transformation within."
Rattrap: "Hoy...whats with all the hocus-pocus? Just give us the command code, so we can Transform already!"
Optimus: "It's not that easy, Rattrap. The Oracle has melded us into a balance of both machine and living tissue. Command codes and onboard computers are things of the past."
Cheetor: "So what are we: robots or animals?"
Optimus: "Both... and neither."
Blackarachnia: "Well, that sure clears it up!"
Optimus: "The key is finding the balance in yourself. Then and only then can you truly say... I Am Transformed."
(Optimus' body begins to transform as a demonstration)
Cheetor: "I am transformed."
(Cheetor's body begins to transform to robot mode)
Cheetor: "Whoa, check me out."
Blackarachnia: "I am transformed."
(Blackarachnia's body begins to transform to robot mode)
Cheetor: "Whoa, check you out."

Optimus Primal's Beast Seminar: Teaching the act of transformation in Technorganic bodies to the Maximals.

Rattrap: "I Am Transformed... I am soooo TRANSFORMED I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT!... Ehhh... oh..."
Optimus: "Just let it happen, dont try to make it happen."
(Rattrap tries to let himself transform)
Optimus: "Can you feel it?"
Rattrap: "Oh! I feel a breakthrough coming..."

Rattrap tries to Transform, but is cut short by another (albeit unfriendly) sensation.

Optimus: "You lost your sense of emotion!"
Blackarachnia: "What's the point of transforming if we can't do it under fire!?"
Rattrap: "I Am Transformed. I Am Transformed!!..."
Optimus: "Rattrap... let's try again later."

—Again, no joy for Rattrap on his transformation, as Cheetor and Blackarachnia both practically learn one major downside of transformation into robot mode while as Technorganics, the same downside Primal learnt in the last episode

Cheetor: "Thought I had slick cat moves before? Check this out!"

Cheetor, breaking the 4th wall.

Megatron: "I am the future. I have reformed this entire planet into a single elegant machine - a vision of technological purity and order. And you 4 mongrels would contaminate that vision with your accursed beast modes!"
Optimus: "My memory's a little faulty, Megatron, but I seem to recall you picking up a beast mode yourself."
Megaton: "And wiping it clean from my systems! Like a virus! The same way I wiped this planet clean! The same way I now intend to finish the job WITH YOU!!!"

—No, not totalitarian at all.

Optimus: "Fustrating, isn't it? Trying to focus on 4 chaotic individual minds at once."
Megatron: "SILENCE!!!"
Optimus: "You're still ruled by emotions. That's not very technologically pure, is it? (Megatron begins to show anger) You can feel the anger rising in you. You're just about ready TO EXPLODE!"
Megatron: (Worried) "Oh no! (Roars in anger) NNNNNNNNOOOOO!!!!! (Transforms to beast mode) (Roars) NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

—As Optimus knows, theres no better way to anger your enemy than to use his own words against him. This quote also demonstrates that, after his success in completely taking over Cybertron, Megatron transforms through some degree of being angered by his enemies or minions.

Optimus: "Look at yourself, Megatron. See the thing you despise the most! Cybertron will never be pure as long as the beast exists within you! You've failed."
Megatron: "No, Primal. You have failed! You're still too late to save your people. Billions of Transformers - their extinguished sparks are on your hands!"
Optimus: (In anger) "What have you done with them?!"
Megatron: "Perhaps if you'd won the Beast Wars, things would be different. Who's to say?" (transforms back to robot mode and restores himself to his harness)
Optimus: "TELL ME WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! (Transforms to Beast Mode in his rage) RRRRRROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!!!"
Megatron: "Who's the beast now, Primal?"

—Megatron & Optimus have a ball tormenting each other.

"I failed... I could have prevented this nightmare... And now it's up to me to end it..."

—As his thought indicates, Optimus knows there's only one thing to do to end the nightmare Cybertron is now faced with: spare no Megatrons!


  • Cheetor and Blackarachnia learn their ability to transform while as Technorganics in this episode.
  • Megatron is scarred across his right eye. Unless something happened to him between the end of the Beast Wars and the start of Beast Machines, the origin of that scar is a mystery, which, to this day, has not been explained. However, in its first appearance in this series, Megatron's beast mode is shown as being heavily scarred apparently from attempts to remove it. Perhaps the scar is also a result of these attempts. Or possibly an injury of trying to escape from Autobot Shuttle Omega Delta during the Maximals' return to Cybertron.

Technical/Animation Glitches

  • As Blackarachnia Transforms for the first time as a Technorganic, while the same shot is still onscreen, the shading of one of her Beast Mode frontal arms mysteriously changes to an inaccurate shade that does not match the current location and shot; this error appears during her Transform render while the same shot remains on screen for 8 seconds. The 8th second is moved to after another angle of Blackarachnia's Transform render depicting one of her Robot Mode arms extending towards, and missing, the camera.

Continuity errors

  • When forming his "cape", Megatron's wings look nothing like they do in his beast or robot modes in the Beast Wars. It can be presumed that Megatron modified them slightly so that he can recycle them to a body robe that surrounds his body and conceals his now hideous Transmetal 2 beast mode, and, while linked up with his harness, these wings add a robe effect to it, providing Megatron with a new wardrobe for the series while he is in robot mode.
  • Strangely, it appears that Megatron's beast mode is ruled by his emotions just like the Maximals. During the Beast Wars which he claims to have won by taking control of Cybertron and wiping the Maximals' memories clean of any memory of their winning of the battles, he never exhibited this kind of behavior. It's possible that this is due to his current situation of removing his beast mode and that aspects of it are yet to be erased from his body completely. It could also be assumed that some of Megatron's Transmetal 2 features, on note of these aspects, may only just be taking effect, such as enhanced rage, influenced by his emotions.

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  • The title is a reference to the song "Master of the House" from the musical Les Miserables.

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