The Master Sword is an Autobot super weapon from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One Japan continuity family.

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The Master Sword, said to be the "blade of blades, wielded only by the righteous and just," is the single most powerful weapon created by the super-science of planet Master, and the ultimate weapon of Autobot Headmaster leader Fortress Maximus.

In addition to the massive blade, the term "Master Sword" also refers to the small dagger-like device housed in the control console of Battleship Maximus. When this is drawn from the console by Fortress, the battleship transforms to robot mode, to which Fortress connects in head mode, forming Fortress Maxmus. To unsheath the sword, Fortress's physical and mental energies must be in perfect synchronization; the activation of the Master Sword and his transformation into Fortress Maximus drains them severely. As a result, an extended period of recharging is required before it can be accomplished again; if done so without such recharging, it could bring about serious, life-threatening consequences to its drawer. The Master Sword, therefore, is only to be used as a last resort should all else fail or the situation is rather grave for normal methods.


The Headmasters (animation)Edit


Now take a nap for seven years.

Fortress first unsheathed the Master Sword when the Decepticons unleashed a monstrous carnivorous plant on San Francisco. Unable to draw the sword at first, Fortress was galavanized by cries for help from his Headmaster troops, and became Fortress Maximus for the first time to whack the plant's weed with the Master Sword. Head On!! Fortress Maximus The Master Sword proceeded to be a weapon that turned the tide of many a battle, and ultimately forced the Decepticons from Earth when it perforated the weak spot of Scorponok. I Risk My Life for Earth

Seeking a way to counter the power of the Master Sword, Scorponok headed for planet Master. There, he attempted to learn the secrets and weakneses of the Master Sword by having one of the scientists responsible for creating it, Jack, captured and tortured. Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2). This approach failed, but while burrowing underground, he located the ore necessary to create the incredible durable G-Metal, and proceeded to capture Wheelie, ransoming him for a disc containing all the data on the Master Sword. The Master Sword Is in Danger!! Combining these, he successfully created the Zarak Shield, which proved able to deflect the Master Sword when they first clashed in battle. Operation: Destroy the Destrons

Returning to Earth, Scorponok initiated a plan to destroy the planet, culminating in a massive battle between the Autobot and Decepticon armies at the North Pole. Powered up by the combining energies of the Autobots, relayed to him through the Headmasters' Head Formation as part of their special Final Formation, Fortress Maximus used the Master Sword to destroy the Zarak Shield, and Scorponok's Transtector, saving the planet. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)


The HeadmastersEdit

  • Master Sword (Included exclusively with the Japanese release of Fortress Maximus, 1987)
Fortress Maximus' Japanese ID number: C-114
Available only with the Japanese release of Fortress Maximus, both forms of the Master Sword are included - the small version, which can be wiedled by Fortress, and the large version, for Fortress Maximus. It is currently unknown if the swords were originally planned for the Hasbro version but dropped for price or safety concerns, or if they were a Takara-initiated addition to their release of the toy.
The Master Sword was redecoed to make the Master Blade included with Grand Maximus, and slightly retooled to make the Matrix Blade.


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