Master Disaster is a human from the Animated continuity family.

You'll never take me coppers, nyah!

Master Disaster is the costumed, Australian-accented host of Street Demon, a pirate television show which broadcasts illegal street-races in Detroit.


Animated cartoonEdit

Voice actor: Bill Fagerbakke (English), Johannes Berenz (German), Jurota Kosugi (Japanese)

Having been outrun by a mysterious blue race car, Bumblebee had Sari tune into Master Disaster's broadcasts to try and get a lead on his new rival. Once the illegal racing organizer saw Bumblebee barging in on one of his "invitation only" races, he dispatched the blue race car to rough up the Autobot, revealing that he controlled it using a remote device. However he was surprised when Bumblebee turned the tables by converting to robot mode. He invited Bumblebee to the next race, reasoning that should the Autobot suffer a "tragic accident", the show's ratings would skyrocket.

At the time of the race, Sari tagged along. Investigating the pull from her key, she discovered the AllSpark fragment they had been looking for, residing in Master Disaster's remote control. Sari grabbed the device and told Bumblebee to floor it. Master Disaster panicked when he found it was missing, but the race started without him. With Blitzwing hot in pursuit, Sari realized that the remote was how Disaster fixed the races, as it could control not only machines but Cybertronians. In the ensuing confusion, Master Disaster tried to flee, only to be apprehended by Captain Fanzone. Velocity

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