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BW MasterBlaster title

Tarantulas suddenly realizes how all those bugs eaten by geckos feel

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The Predacons gain control over the body of Optimus Primal, and capture the Ark.


BW MasterBlaster PrimalflattenWaspy

A bug in the hand is worth...uh, washing up afterward.

Silverbolt dutifully patrols the Maximals' fortified entrance to Mount St. Hilary. Megatron, trying another attack on the Maximals' base, sends sub-commander Waspinator with a large explosive (from...somewhere) to destroy the patrolling Fuzor. Waspinator delivers the missile and destroys Silverbolt's gunning turret, and when Primal, Cheetor, and Rattrap rush outside to defend their home, Waspinator commands a full attack. But without support from additional troops, Waspinator is quickly crushed by Primal.

Hiding out of Primal's sight, Tarantulas blows a dart that burrows itself into Primal's foot, crawls through the Maximal leader's interior machinery, and accesses Primal's own spark. Primal disregards the infection, tells Cheetor to "take a rest" with a suspiciously Western drawl, and punches out the young Maximal.

BW MasterBlaster Primalsparkhijack

Once these things dig in, only a special shampoo can get them out.

Blackarachnia returns to the Maximal base, surprised by the open doors. She finds the entire interior dark. Primal sneaks up on the arachnid, and when she reveals that Depth Charge isn't with her, he grabs her as if she were a toy. With the widow restrained, Megatron and his crones step out of the darkness. Quickstrike is revealed to be controlling Optimus by piloting a large, mechanical suit of similar form to Primal's body. The other Maximals are being kept deactivated in a hanging cage.

BW MasterBlaster Megs spark

Ye haw, ride 'em, cowboy!

Meanwhile, Quickstrike uses Primal's body to give Megatron access to the Ark's interior. Megatron walks through the halls of the ship to find what he's looking for: his namesake Megatron. The Predacon leader opens his own chest, and a tentacle reaches out of it to access the spark of his predecessor. After a bit of struggle, Megatron takes both sparks into his body. While Megatron convulses from the pain of containing two sparks, Quickstrike, who is secretly working for Tarantulas, dumps his leader into one of the lava pits outside.

BW MasterBlaster Megshand

I'll be back.

Blackarachnia is left in the care of Rampage, who delights in causing her pain, but she overpowers the massive Transmetal crab by using her telekinesis to knock him down with a steel girder. She sneaks through the base, then leads Inferno away from the Maximals he's supposed to be protecting and locks him outside so she can free her team.

Quickstrike gives Tarantulas access to Teletraan I. Tarantulas then sends Quickstrike away to destroy the Maximals while he rigs the Ark to explode, which will kill all Autobots and Decepticons within it. As Tarantulas leaves the Ark, Megatron emerges from the lava, now reconfigured into a dragon form by his plunge into the molten rock and the additional spark within him. Megatron burns the spider who betrayed him and tosses Tarantulas into a distant lava pool as punishment for failing.

Quickstrike, still piloting his armor, finds Blackarachnia and double-teams her using Optimus's body, which is still under his control. But with a well-placed blast, she causes the two giants to fall over each other. The fall frees Optimus, who remembers what he did under Quickstrike's control, and he and Blackarachnia head back into the Ark to prevent the devastation.

BW MasterBlaster Megsflame

Oh, this is really bold! So bold, it's not fit for human consumption!

Megatron finds Optimus, and the two enhanced transformers battle. While Blackarachnia tries to save the Ark, Megatron shows off his new abilities against his most hated enemy. Blackarachnia saves the Ark with just a single second to spare. Optimus is then saved from Megatron by the combined firepower of the other Maximals, who force Megatron to retreat. But with the spark of the original Megatron still in his possession, Megatron has gained a new advantage in the Beast Wars.


"Waspinator TERRORIZE!!! Predacons ATTACK!!!"
(Waspinator flies into battle, then realizes...)
"Where Waspinator's troops?"
"Ah, sometimes deception is the better part of valor."

Megatron, observing Waspinator's unwitting decoy attack on the Maximal base

"You'll live to regret this, crab legs."
"I regret everything, my sweet. Struggle as much as you like, I enjoy it."

Blackarachnia as she struggles against Rampage

"Time to open me up a can of kick-keister!"

Quickstrike, after being told to finish the other Maximals

"I can suffer your treachery, lieutenant, but NOT YOUR INCOMPOTENCE!!!"
(throws Tarantulas into the lava)
"Treachery requires NO mistakes!"
(leaves back to the Ark while Tarantulas comes out of the lava)
"Yes, Megatron. NO mistakes."

Megatron reborn deals with Tarantulas

"Megatron does not yield... HE CONQUERS!!!"

Megatron's response to Optimus Primal's demand for his surrender

"Did you think you could stand against the fury of both Megatrons?"

Megatron gloating to Optimus Primal

"Eight clicks to core implosion.... five.. four... three... two... one... core implosion aborted... all systems normal... have a nice day."

Teletraan I

"It seems that I have been again cheated of victory..... but beware the dragon's wrath! VENGENANCE WILL BE MINE!!!!"

Megatron retreating from the Ark after Maximal reinforcements arrive


Original airdate: March 1, 1999

Written by: Eric Torin

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Maximals Predacons Decepticons

Other Notes

  • Although the toy is a Transmetal 2 and has detailing consistent with the other Transmetal 2 figures, within the context of the story, Megatron's upgrade has not related to the Transmetal driver and never called a Transmetal 2 in the series. The stylistic difference from "Optimal Optimus" can be attributed to the lava, which Megatron likely wouldn't have survived had he not been in the process of being upgraded, as falling into lava killed Terrorsaur and Scorponok.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Megatron says "Six little Maximals...", his face is silver instead of purple, resembling (bizarrely) the toy face of the form he is about to gain.

Continuity errors

  • Previously when Dinobot II was instructed to destroy Depth Charge, Rampage objected and stated that Depth Charge was his to destroy. Unlikely, but perhaps Rampage has come to think of Dinobot II as an extension of himself through their shared sparks?
  • It is unclear why Tarantulas and Quickstrike expected (Beast Wars) Megatron to expire in the lava, given Tarantulas suffers the same fate, but immediately climbs out of the lava moments later. It's possible that throwing Megatron into lava was just Quickstrike's idea, although it should be noted that Megatron was thrown into the centre of a pool while Tarantulas was just on the outskirts of a pool.
  • Megatron is not shown putting Generation One Megatron's spark back in its body. Even at the end of the series, the spark was never shown again, nor was it even mentioned that it had been replaced. There is only Primal's statement that "all is as it should be" (made in "Nemesis Part 2") to go on. However, the spark's replacement was written into the "Nemesis" script and even animated—it was simply cut for time from the final episode. A clip of this animation can be seen on's page for this episode and was included as an extra in Kid Rhino's DVD release of Beast Wars season 3.
  • What is kind of odd is that Teletraan I counts down in clicks, which during the Beast Wars is a distant of measurement with cycles being the unit of time. It is unlikely that the measurements for time and distance would change within the 300 years after the Great War. But the writers might have gotten the units confused and didn't pay attention to it.
  • The computer that Blackarachnia uses seems to have been designed for human-size figures, rather than the larger Autobot occupants. Of course the controls could have been built when the Ark was constructed for the roughly human-sized transformers, such as the ones with cassette alternate modes.

Transformers references

  • The bomb that Waspinator is holding at the start of the episode looks like Galvatron's fusion cannon.
  • Blackarachnia (after saying "I can play your game too") saves the day by uploading "datatrax Viron" into Teletraan-1, which is the same datatrax Tarantulas used against the Metal Hunter.
  • This is one of only a few episodes where they pronounce "Teletraan-1" instead of "Teletron-1".

Real-world references

  • Megatron counts "Six little Maximals, I've almost collected the whole set!" several Transformer fans collect the toys - and many fans make a point to collect specifically the toys of characters appearing on the show.
  • While revealing himself in his new form, Megatron cries out "Enter the dragon!", which is also the title of a Bruce Lee movie.
  • The title of the episode, "Master Blaster", is also the title of an old computer game, and a song by Stevie Wonder. However, it's clear from context that it primarily refers to the dwarf/giant duo from the film "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome".

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Why did Megatron have Quickstrike pilot the control suit? Quickstrike has been shown to very easy to manipulate into betraying Megatron. All things considered Inferno would have been the perfect one to pilot the suit. He is undyingly loyal and would have killed Tarantulas at the first sign of treachery. If it's a size issue, then Inferno still would have worked, in fact even Waspinator would have been a good choice. They both are about Quickstrike's size and Waspinator is too cowardly to ever try anything against Megatron. Why did Megatron think Quickstrike was a good choice?
    • It is possible that Tarantulas built the suit himself with Quickstrike in mind (for those same reasons) and Megatron had no other option but to allow it.
      • Or Waspinator and Inferno had insufficient acting skills to pull off pretending to be Optimus Primal.
  • This episode establishes that there are powerful G1 sparks; Prime's not being the only one. Beast Wars The Gathering reinforces the idea with Grimlock's spark signature (see properties of spark).
  • In an early version of episode's plot, Megatron decided to steal and absorb the original Megatron's spark only after failing at another attempt to kill Optimus Prime.[1]
  • When firing at Waspinator with the cannons, what appears to be Silverbolt's tongue is sticking out of the right side of his mouth.
  • While dragging an injured Silverbolt inside, Rattrap says "I must be a packrat". The original Rattrap toy was recolored into Packrat as a Botcon 1997 exclusive. His Transmetal toy was also repainted as a Wal Mart exclusive, which is later reproposed into Transmetal Packrat.
  • In the Maximal storage room where Rampage is holding Blackarachnia, extra elevator doors to the Axalon bridge can be seen. This explains how they repair them so fast after crashing through them so many times on various occasions. The strange thing about this is that the glass coverings are never seen on the elevators in season 3, so it makes one wonder why they even bother to keep spares.
  • Predacon spark chambers (or at least Megatron's) seem to have much more protective or security features than those of Maximals.


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