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Martin and Roland are two humans (species-wise) in the cartoon portion of the Generation One continuity family

Roland (left) and Martin (right). The body of Elise Presser (middle) was found two days later. Well, parts of it were found, anyway.

Martin and Roland are two teenagers who liked to make trouble.


The Transformers cartoon[]

Voice actors: Townsend Coleman (Martin, English), Michael Sheehan (Roland, English)

When we first met them, Martin and Roland thought it would be a good idea to turn a laser up to maximum power during Mr. Robbins' demonstration of it in class at Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School. Instead of expelling them Mr. Robbins assigned the two sociopaths to win the science fair with Elise Presser.

The three ended up building B.O.T., but they made the mistake of letting Elise put something that they found in the junkyard in it. This turned out to be the personality component of the Combaticon Brawl, who proceeded to go on a rampage Cleaarly due to Brawls Evill nature and his incredibly violent, Hostile and Aggressive personality.The three teens called in the Protectobots, but instead got the Autobots Ironhide, Gears, and Bumblebee. Brawl-B.O.T. proceeded to give the three Autobots a hard time. While waiting outside, Martin and Roland decided it would be a good idea to go into the dilapidated building the Autobots had chased B.O.T. into, inadvertently allowing B.O.T. to escape the trapped elevator he had been stuck in, which allowed Swindle to steal Brawl's personality component back.

The three then used recovered bits of B.O.T. and completely bogus science to learn of the Decepticons' plan to use their new orbital-disruptor cannon on Autobot headquarters, then ran to the Autobot base to warn them. During the battle, the three kids used Teletraan I and B.O.T. to destroy the Decepticons' newest EI/AD, destroying their homemade bot in the process. Elise decided that they could build a new one with whatever junk was lying around the Autobot base, at which point Martin and Roland gagged her and dragged her away. B.O.T.