Mars is the thirty-sixth episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on May 03, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



Jetfire and Starscream get their ass to Mars to rescue a Mini-Con, but walk into a trap.


Starscream rages, frustrated that the Autobots do not share his priority of destroying Megatron. His Mini-Con partners Swindle and the Air Defense Team try to console him, followed by Alexis, but he is too wrapped up in his own self-doubts to listen to them. While Megatron rages about his own recent setback, Thrust receives some news that might calm him down; Sideways claims that while Megatron's Mini-Con Requiem Blaster is limited in its power, it would be unstoppable in combination with Starscream's Star Saber and the Autobots' Skyboom shield. The Autobots on Earth detect a new Mini-Con signal, but as it is on Mars only Jetfire and Starscream would be capable of flying there to retrieve it. The kids are upset that they can't go, but ask Jetfire for a souvenir, like maybe a moon rock. Jetfire isn't happy to be bringing Starscream at all, but they head out, with Jetfire wielding the Skyboom and Starscream wielding the Star Saber. Megatron, having been briefed by Thrust on the Mini-Con and on the potential of the three weapons, recognizes that the Autobots' mission to Mars is the perfect opportunity to unite the Mini-Con weapons. On Mars, Starscream is itching for a fight with Megatron, and he seems to get his wish as an ominous shape appears in the stormy skies above. Starscream leaps to attack and is annoyed to find that it's only Tidal Wave, who demands the Star Saber and knocks Starscream to the planet's surface. Jetfire, having also noticed the Decepticon intruder as well, decides to investigate. Starscream pulls himself together, and finds the Air Defense Team trying to cheer him on. He drives them away, screaming that he doesn't need their sympathy, only to immediately lament that now even the Mini-Cons have abandoned him. He declares that here, on this planet, he will crush Megatron. He notices that while he has been talking to himself, he has been absent-mindedly crushing a Martian rock, which he then looks at with interest. Soon, the Air Defense Team leads Comettor and Jetfire to Starscream's aid. The two bulks argue over Starscream's responsibilities, which culminates in Jetfire arresting Starscream for insubordination. Optimus agrees, and Jetfire heads home with Starscream in tow and the Mini-Con still helpless. On the journey home, Starscream fortuitously spots the Mini-Con they have been searching for on a nearby asteroid. Jetfire entrusts Starscream with retrieving the Mini-Con, who has been revealed as Firebot, but a new assault by Tidal Wave interrupts them. With the Autobots pinned down, Megatron and Thrust teleport to the battle. Starscream cries out for Jetfire to release his cuffs and let him help, but Jetfire is helpless to do so. With no other recourse, Starscream pleads with Firebot to open fire on the Decepticons. He explains that while the Autobots will protect the Mini-Con, the Decepticons will only use him as a tool for war. Firebot seems to understand, as he holds off Tidal Wave long enough for Starscream can get him to safety. Starscream and Jetfire face off against Megatron, but as they do their Mini-Con weapons emit a strange golden glow which grows to envelop all three of them. The power of the three weapons knocks Tidal Wave and Thrust away, and apparently knocks Megatron unconscious, allowing Starscream and Jetfire to escape. Back at the Autobot base, Optimus and Jetfire agree that the mysterious power the Mini-Con weapons have displayed should be kept secret. While the kids chat with Jetfire, who disappoints them when he explains he hasn't brought them a souvenir, Alexis explains to Starscream how proud she is of him for convincing Firebot to join the Autobots. She knows he cares for the Mini-Cons, and that's why she feels he belongs on the Autobot side. Starscream counters that his only mission is to destroy Megatron, and stomps off, but leaves behind the chunk of rock he had found on Mars. Alexis is very excited to see it, and calls the other kids over to look at it. Alexis notes that Starscream has shown that he truly cares, and she hopes that soon he will join the Autobots for good.


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Major characters: Starscream, Alexis, Megatron, Thrust, Sideways, Tidal Wave, Jetfire, Firebot Minor characters: Carlos, Rad, Fred, Billy, Air Defense Team (Runway, Jetstorm, and Sonar), Swindle, Requiem Blaster, Demolishor, Cyclonus, Smokescreen, Hot Shot, Scavenger, Red Alert, Skyboom shield, Comettor, Street Action Team (High Wire, Grindor, and Sureshock), Dirt Boss


  • Sideways appears as the ghostly head of his "Mirror" unit.
  • As is generally the case, Firebot is never named.
  • The rock Starscream gives to the children is eventually fashioned into a pendant by Alexis. Mysteriously, this pendant has a deep connection with Starscream's own spark.

Animation and/or technical glitches

Continuity errors

  • When Jetfire and Starscream come under attack Jetfire claims that he would separate them from the handcuffs if he could, but surely the Star Saber is more than capable of cutting them apart?

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