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The red planet

Mars is the fourth of the many planets.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun located within Earth's solar system.

Generation OneEdit

Cartoon continuityEdit

Generation One animated seriesEdit

The Earth Defense Command has a base operating on Mars.

The Headmasters animeEdit

Having harnessed the plasma energy released when the Transformers' homeworld of Cybertron was destroyed, Decepticon Headmaster leader Scorponok sought to generate and collect more of the energy to fuel his ambitions. To accomplish this, Scorponok plotted the destruction of Mars, and ordered the Terrorcons to plant plasma energy bombs beneath the surface of the planet Mars at strategic points which would, when detonated, rip the planet apart.

The Decepticons' activities were discovered by Spike, Daniel, Wheelie and the Trainbots, who were on Mars conducting a geological survey at the time. The Autobot Headmasters were called in to deal with the threat, but during the battle that ensued, Fortress Maximus was de-powered by a plasma energy blast. Scorponok took the opportunity to activate his newly constructed Transtector and travel to Mars where he pummeled Maximus before ordering the planet's destruction. Two clusters of bombs placed at the Martian planetary poles were detonated simultaneously by Soundblaster, beginning a chain reaction that started to tear Mars apart. Scorponok and the Decepticons evacuated while the Autobots were consumed by the inferno, but Fortress Maximus was able to absorb some of the energy released in the early stages of the conflagration and made his escape as Mars exploded.

Incredibly, the destruction of Mars had a minimal impact on the various planetary orbits throughout the Sol system, and the fate of its moon was not divulged, but its absence did disrupt the gravimetric balance of space bridge travel, destabilizing it.

Note: An extra line is added into the RTM 1 dub version of "The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)" that has Fortress state that the Autobots plan to "rebuild Mars" somehow. While it is, of course, hard to credit any changes from the RTM 1 dub as being deliberate, this particular change happens to patch a continuity error from Victory very well, as noted below.

Victory animeEdit

Ore acquired from Mars, coupled with ores from Earth and other planets, was used in the creation of Schaeffer Energy. Jean Minakaze happened to be visiting the Schaeffer Energy plant in America as a cargo ship carrying a payload of Martian ore returned from its space mission.

Note: When the origins of Schaeffer Energy are related, it is implied that Mars still exists. Although apparently just a plain ol' continuity error, it does line up with Fortress's RTM 1 dub promise (above) surprisingly well, making one wonder if it could have actually been done deliberately. Setting this oddity aside, though, it might be theorised that the ore was obtained from the remains of Mars floating in space.

Unicron TrilogyEdit

Cartoon continuityEdit


Jetfire and Starscream once travelled to Mars in seach of the Mini-Con panel containing Firebot. Upon hearing this, the kids asked the two Transformers to buy them something from the souvenir shop. Sadly, as Mars was uninhabited by either human or alien lifeforms, there were no shops to be found. Starscream did however find a mysterious glowing green rock and gave it to the children. They were so happy.

Joke's on them - its probably radioactive.


Ten years after the defeat of Unicron, the Cybertronian Alliance and the Earth Federation installed a facility on the surface of Mars to mine the potent naturally-occuring ore Energon. Unfortunately, this facility was decimated by the initial Terrorcon attack, leading Carlos to aptly remark "Holy frijoles".

Also Tidal Wave was stationed on Mars, by the autobots during the Cybertronian Alliance, to guard the Mini-Cons who were sent there.

A little while later, the survivors of the first attack, Autobot, Decepticon and Mini-Con, made a valiant last stand against a second Terrorcon attack, this time being personally led by Scorponok.


Thunderblast, Ransack, Crumplezone and Thundercracker left Earth on a rickety rocket, attempting to forge the New Decepticon Army. Their rocket made it as far as Mars before crashing and stranding them on the planet.


During the 2007 TF live-action film, there is a scene on the Martian surface in which an indistinct Transformer destroys the Beagle 2 Rover. This scene was also incorporated into early teaser trailers for the movie.

IDW ComicsEdit

Bumblebee accidentally stepped on the Beagle 2, alerting Sector Seven to the fact that other Transformers were coming to Earth. Prime Directive (IDW)

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