Marita is a Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.

Totally hotter than that ice-queen Llyra.

Marita is the long-time girlfriend to the Nebulan Gort. Even though young women from all across Nebulos are attracted to him, Gort remains steadfastly faithful to Marita.

You can see why. Yowza.


Marvel Comics continuity


Mhn mhn mhn mhn? Mhn mhn mhn.

While Marita and Gort were inconspicuously making out in the middle of Nebulos' Folassian Forest, the two were interrupted by the perplexed Autobot Highbrow, who was looking to deliver a message of peace from Fortress Maximus. Gort panicked, and in his haste to fight off the monster for his lover, tripped and fell into a small pit. Smooth.

Marita presumably delivered the holographic message after dragging the unconscious Gort back to civilization, as it was the subject of review for the Council of Peers the next day. During the debate on how to deal with the alien robots, Marita tried to explain that Gort's injury was an accident, but she was silenced.

Later, Marita attended the celebration held for the arrival of the Autobot emissary of peace, Blurr. However, due to the machinations of Lord Zarak, the celebration soon turned into chaos, and Marita was trampled underfoot by fleeing Nebulans. When the situation died down, she was taken away on a stretcher for medical treatment. Ring of Hate!

After Gort was binary-bonded to Highbrow and helped save the Nebulan capitol city Koraja from Scorponok's invading Decepticons, Marita - apparently healed -greeted him as a hero. Whether more making out commenced, we cannot say. Broken Glass!

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