PizzaPiParty Mr Marcello

Mr. Marcello is a pizza chef and inventor in Griffin Rock. As he is unrelentingly Italian, all his inventions are related to Italian cuisine.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Pizza Pi Party"

His self-twirling spaghetti fork caused a substantial amount of damage. He went on to invent a remote control pizza cutter — a drone with pizza cutter arms, which went out of control after it was doused in water, and ended up being stepped on by Heatwave. He entered the bake off during the Pizza Pi Party, only to have to evacuate the area when Doc Greene's super yeast caused a huge rapidly-expanding mount of pizza dough to overtake the festival. The dough was eventually turned into a pizza by the rescue team, with help from the rest of town, and Mr. Marcello tucked in with the other townsfolk, only to discover that it tested terrible. He demanded to know whose recipe the crust was, as Dani Burns attempted to slink away.

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