Mara-Al-Utha is a Quintesson in the Generation One continuity family.

Red Mage's class change was more than he bargained for.

The sly and deceitful Mara-Al-Utha was banished by his fellow Quintessons long ago, in the era when they still controlled Cybertron, for dabbling in the forbidden arts of sorcery. Surprisingly benevolent in their choice of punishments they sent him to the magic-filled other-dimensional realm of Menonia, where he apprenticed with the sorcerer known as the Golden One, eventually betraying him and seizing power for himself.


The Transformers cartoon

When Daniel and Grimlock accidentally travelled to Menonia, they were watched by Mara-Al-Utha unawares. The Quintesson then used Grimlock as a pawn against the allied forces of Menonia, who were rebelling against Mara-Al-Utha, in his guise of the Red Wizard.

He was finally defeated when Daniel and Ramhorn managed to free the Golden One, who quickly defeated the Quintesson with the aid of Blaster, banishing him from Menonia. Madman's Paradise

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