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Manterror uses his sharp claws, stealth silencers, and ion disks to swiftly strike out at his Maximal adversaries. He is also somewhat punny.

Italian name: Cannibal (awesome)[1]


IDW Beast Wars comics continuity

Magmatron recruited Manterror, along with Transquito, Drill Bit, Spittor, Iguanus, and Razorbeast, on Cybertron. Magmatron's plan was to use the abandoned stasis pods on prehistoric Earth to build an army and take over Cybertron. Upon arrival, Magmatron sent Manterror and the others to watch over the stasis pods as they were activated. Manterror witnessed the birth of Snapper.

As it turned out, Razorbeast was a Maximal spy. Magmatron sent his new Predacon army to hunt down the Maximal and his band. During the conflict that followed, Manterror got his face smashed by Wolfang. The Gathering


Beast Wars

  • Manterror (Deluxe Predacon, 1997)
    • Accessories: 2 disc projectiles
Manterror transforms from a robot into an organic mantis. Each terrible foreclaw holds one of his disc-weapons, and use a pressure-launch mechanism to fling them.
This mold was used to make Beast Wars II Mantis.


  • Buzzclaw's function is "Quick Attack Specialist", and his toy bio states that he uses "ion disks", suggesting that he is Manterror reborn as a Fuzor. Either way, Manterror and Buzzclaw appear side-by-side in the IDW comics.
  • Sketches in "The Gathering" TPB indicate show that Manterror's Cybertronian mode was a dragster-type car.


  1. This name may have only been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. However, a carded example of trilingual European English/Spanish/Italian Manterror has not been found at this time, so this is uncertain.

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