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This article is about the Generation 2 Autobot. For the Beast Wars Predacon, see Manta Ray (BW).
Manta Ray is an Autobot from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Brave to the point of foolishness, Manta Ray is an intrepid aquatic warrior. Luckily, his prodigious speed gets him out of most scrapes - and when that doesn't work, he has his deadly roto-prop weapon to fall back on!

European market name: Piranha


Marvel Comics continuityEdit

Generation 2Edit

Like the rest of the Rotor Force, Manta Ray was originally one of Megatron's next generation of Decepticons, animated by the stolen power of the Creation Matrix. He first saw combat on Tykos, when the Decepticons raided a Rheanimum gas mine. New Dawn

Manta Ray's allegiance began to shift when the Decepticons allied with the Autobots to combat the Cybertronian Empire on Earth, as the youthful Transformer's innate likability won over his new allies. He and Leadfoot earned Tracks' praise for their swift and skillful blading during the initial sortie. Manta Ray later impressed Grimlock, of all bots, with another quick save. Manta Ray was quick to return Grimlock's respect, but their mutual admiration society caused Razorclaw to doubt the young Decepticon's loyalty. Total War!

When the war against the Cybertronians turned into a battle for survival against the Swarm, Manta Ray joined the survivors in preparing a makeshift defense point. Manning the perimeter defenses, Manta Ray ignored Razorclaw's order to fire, instead waiting for Grimlock's direction. This almost cost him his life, but Leadfoot decapitated Razorclaw before the Predacon could kill him. A Rage in Heaven!

Note: In the Generation 2 comics, each faction had different symbols lining their speech bubbles -- Decepticons had triangles, Autobots had rectangles, while Dinobots were slightly in-between. To indicate his changing loyalties, Manta Ray began with triangle boxes, switched to Dinobot-style boxes when he made the decision to listen to Grimlock instead of Razorclaw, and finally had full Autobot boxes in the end.


Manta Ray is one of countless "offworlders" residing in Axiom Nexus. Gone Too Far

IDW comics continuityEdit

Manta Ray was among the first responders to Nemesis Prime's attack on Garrus-9. He fell victim to the corrupted Prime's touch of death. Spotlight: Doubledealer


Generation 2Edit

G2 MantaRay toy

President of the Grimlock Fan Club. Wolfang is vice-president.

  • Manta Ray (Rotor Force, 1994)
    • Accessories: Engine, 2 "flying" rotors
Among the first of the totally-new molds designed for Generation 2, Manta Ray transforms into a twin-pontoon racing boat. His rear fan engine block is a manually-wound spinner that launches his flying disc into the air. He graciously came with two in case you lost one. This assembly becomes a hand-held weapon for robot mode.

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