This article is about the Beast Wars Predacon. For the Generation 2 Autobot, see Manta Ray (G2).

Manta Ray is a Predacon in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Manta ray

Manta Ray turns into a manta ray. Amazingly, she still had to steal the name.

Manta Ray is one of the best energy scouts the Predacons have. She's got loads of sensors in her beast mode that help her track down any power hidden in the dark ocean depths. Unfortunately, her mental state isn't quite as well put together. To put it bluntly, Manta Ray talks to herself a lot. Or rather, talks to (and even argues with) other people who aren't there. It's speculated that these figments might be a side effect of long, lonely stretches spent alone below the sea.

When threatened, she emits a disorienting toxic gas. Really.

Japanese name: Manta


IDW Beast Wars comics

Manta Ray was present during a battle with the Maximals. The Ascending #1 Then she was probably killed in battle against the Blendtrons. It appears she and Bantor were crushed when Drancron rolled over on them. The Ascending #4 So it goes.


Beast Wars

  • Manta Ray (McDonald's Happy Meal toy, 1996)
Manta Ray transforms into, well, a manta ray. She was one of four McDonald's Happy Meal boys' toy premiums in the very first Beast Wars promotion.


  • Like Airazor before her, Manta Ray is male in Japan and female in Hasbro fiction. Her gender was established by the Beast Wars Sourcebook published by IDW.
  • Manta Ray's Japanese name and brief character write-up come from a Japanese Beast Wars guidebook called the Beast Wars Perfect Book.

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