The angriest cover in Transformers history.

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The Autobots and Avengers are acquainted. Dr. Doom disapproves of Decepticons.

Detailed Synopsis

Fueled by the aggression wave, the Avengers assault the Autobots, who have arrived at the dome to prevent any loss of life. Ms Marvel battles valiantly against Ratchet's roomy interior, while Bumblebee uses his holographic abilities to take down Luke Cage. Wolverine manages to shake off the effect of being run over, but an electrical pulse from the armored hand of Dr. Doom takes the dirty mutie down.

Ratchet places an inhibitor device on Captain America to undo the effects of the aggression wave. Assistance from Dr. Doom is required in order to stop the ferocious Ms. Marvel. The Autobots quickly explain that they've come to Earth to stop the Decepticons from using the large dome device to devastate the planet. Doom explains his own role in the affair: The aggression wave was produced using the Psycho-Prism stolen from one of Doom's laboratories. Iron Man remotely confirms that the inhibitor technology is safe for Earthling use.

Inside the dome, the Decepticons (except Ramjet) all receive a power boost. Megatron explains to his captive webslinger that the enhancements are possible thanks to data taken from Spidey's superhuman biology.

The Autobots and Avengers attempt to break through the energy shields around the dome, while Dr. Doom leaves to go to Symkaria, to explain that it is not his military that's bombing that country. The Decepticons spring from their dome-base, and surprise the Autobots with their new power. Luckily, help comes in the form of Iron Man, in a new Transformer-scaled suit of armor.


Writer: Stuart Moore
Penciler: Tyler Kirkham
Inker: Sal Regla
Colorist: Anne Kwok & Blond
Letterer: Todd Klein
Cover Artists: Jack Pearson

  • Release date: August 8, 2007

Major characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Items of note

  • Because the power-up was derived from Spider-Man's spider-abilities, Thundercracker's lasers take a "webbing" shape.


  • Cover1, A potato in a Wolverine costume charging at the viewer with Prowl pointing a gun at the viewer in the Background.


  • None yet identified
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