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Skywarp doesn't realize that if he pushes Iron Man down the stairs he can fly back up.

New Avengers / Transformers > Issue # 3
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A distinct lack of Wakandans.

Detailed Synopsis

With his massive suit of armor, Iron Man leads the Autobots' and Avengers' fight against the Decepticons, having prepared it in anticipation of the conflict. Harnessing the power of the American national anthem, Captain America arrives with a Quinjet to aid his team.

Ratchet and Luke Cage plan on re-entering the Decepticons' base, while the dirty muties stay outside. Don't do drugs. Prowl follows Ratchet into the dome, but with the intention of stopping Megatron's plot, rather than just rescuing Luke Cage's beloved Spidey. After Prowl drives elsewhere, Ratchet and Luke smash up the place, discovering Megatron his captive webslinger. Megatron attacks the invaders using his powerful Jazz-hands.

ELSEWHERE, Prowl discovers Ramjet and the Psycho-Prism. Ramjet is surprisingly co-operative with Prowl's demands, but something else fries Prowl's circuits.

Outside, the Autobots upload power to Iron Man's armor so that he can black Skywarp and Ramjet out of action. With the Decepticons either defeated or forgotten, the good guys take a brief break. A broadcast from Megatron interrupts the lunch break to announce that Prowl, Luke, and Ratchet have been taken captive thanks to aid from his new partner... Dr. Doom!

The Avengers attack, and Megatron punishes Doom for failing to properly anticipate the Avenger's reaction. With Luke Cage in hand and a full does of extra power derived from Spider-Man's unique biology, Megatron exits his base so that he might crush his enemies.


Writer: Stuart Moore
Penciler: Tyler Kirkham
Inker: Sal Regla
Colorist: Anne Kwok & Blond
Letterer: Todd Klein
Cover Artists: Ed McGuinness

  • Release date: September 12, 2007

Major characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


"Represent-- X-Men style!"

—Luke Cage (not an X-Man) to Wolverine

"Save it, Ratchet. Go with the human-- keep him from getting his fleshy body crushed.
I'll save this planet myself."

—Prowl is full of many useful devices.

"Oh... ...Christmas!"

—Luke Cage is missing something other than a tiara.

Items of note

  • During most of the fighting in the issue, all the car Transformers stay in their vehicle mode.


  • None yet identified


  • None yet identified