Malevolent and Inhuman! The True Form of Devil Z is the forty-first episode of Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. It first aired in Japan on February 21, 1989 on Nippon TV.



The Autobots track the Decepticons to the Matterhorn, and the final battle between the two factions begins.


From the top of the Matterhorn in the Alps, BlackZarak bombards Europe with his Devil Power, and the Autobots immediately mobilize to track down the villains. Even their allies—Cancer, Clouder, Wilder and Bullhorn, robbed of their Transtectors by Devil Z—have joined in the effort, helping to rescue people in the disaster areas despite great risk to their de-powered selves. In an underground shelter, the four youths and the dozens of survivors cluster, debating the likelihood of their survival.

Meanwhile, the Autobots head into the snowy peaks of the Alps and divide into groups to attack BlackZarak and the Decepticons from three directions. Lightfoot, Ranger and Road King are immediately spotted by the Decepticon Pretenders, who report to the other Decepticons. Overlord is about to move out and attack them, but BlackZarak holds him back and instead deals with the Godmasters from afar by burying them under an avalanche caused by his Devil Power.

Things do not go much better for Metalhawk and the Headmaster Juniors, who are immediately confronted by King Poseidon. Minerva is nearly cleaved by the Seacon combiner's blade, but Metalhawk swoops into save her, taking a blast from King Poseidon's cannons in the process. The group tries concentrating their fire on the giant, but King Poseidon retaliates with a barrage of missiles that hurls his opponents around like rag dolls. King Poseidon looms over the fallen Metalhawk and swings his sword at the Pretender, but Metalhawk blocks it with his own, and a protracted battle of strength between the two begins...

Meanwhile, Ginrai and Grand Maximus have arrived to help dig the Godmasters out, but once the task is accomplished, the group spots the pyrotechnics from the battle with King Poseidon off in the distance. Ginrai immediately takes to the air to aid Metalhawk and the Juniors, but Hydra and Buster, merged as Darkwings, stand in his way. The brothers swear to show Ginrai their true power at last, and with a cry of "Mach X Flight!", they suddenly vanish! The startled Ginrai looks around for any sign of his opponents, and is then suddenly rammed by the giant jet when it reappears behind him. Ginrai realizes that they did not truly teleport, but flew so fast that the naked eye could not follow them, and charges his body with Chokon Power to mimic the effect for himself. Entering "Chokon Mach Flight," Ginrai zooms towards the stunned brothers, who immediately turn tail. Once again, though, Ginrai proves to be their better, overtaking them and searing their bodies with the burning backwash of his Chokon Power. Scarred and smoking, they fall out of the sky and crash explosively into a mountain. His way now clear, Ginrai races to the rescue of Metalhawk and blasts King Poseidon into his component parts with a God Punch. The Seacons quickly recombine, but Ginrai easily blows them into fragments with a Chokon-powered shot from the God Cannon. Although their foe has been defeated, Metalhawk and the Juniors are badly wounded and remain behind, protected by Grand Maximus, while Ginrai and the Godmasters carry on scaling the mountain. Just before reaching the peak, Ginrai instructs the Godmasters to hold back while he makes the first strike on his own.

Up on the top of the mountain, an enraged BlackZarak punishes Hydra and Buster for their failure, repeatedly striking them with his spear. The punishment goes on for some time, until Overlord finally speaks up and stays his emperor's hand, saying that they have suffered enough. BlackZarak scoffs and hurls Overlord aside, then begins blasting the Godmaster brothers with eye-beams until they pass out from pain. Overlord rushes to their side and decries BlackZarak's actions as barbaric, but BlackZarak simply laughs in his face and says he considers Overlord to be nothing more than an insect as well. Furious, Overlord attempts to strike BlackZarak, and a brief battle between the two breaks out, brought to an end when BlackZarak impales Overlord with his spear. Terrified, Blood, Gilmer and Dauros make themselves scarce, and BlackZarak continues to torture Overlord by channeling energy through his spear...until a blast from the God Cannon knocks the weapon out of his hand! God Ginrai descends out of the sky and gets between the two Decepticons, with a stunned Overlord inquiring why he would do this for an enemy. Ginrai's answer is simple: It is because Overlord is human. BlackZarak pulls out all the stops, and the sky turns red as he unleashes his Devil Power, sending bolts of lightning lancing down around Ginrai as the Autobot attempts to help Overlord to safety. Suddenly, a volley of missiles bursts out of the ground beneath BlackZarak's feet, and he drops to his knees, his concentration broken. Sixknight has arrived to tip the scales and comes churning out of the Earth in his drill tank mode! He challenges BlackZarak to a battle and tells Ginrai to assemble the Autobots as he holds back the Decepticon leader. Quietly, Sixknight says that he is glad to have fought God Ginrai, then presses his attack...before BlackZarak bombards his body with Devil Power and causes him to explode, killing him. Ginrai returns with the Autobots just in time to witness Sixknight's death, and the stage is now set for the one, true final battle...


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  • Where have Cancer, Clouder, Wilder and Bullhorn's Transtectors gone? They were brought to life in the previous episode, and they're nowhere to be found in this one.

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  • Now, you didn't really think that "The True Form of Devil Z" would actually show you the true form of Devil Z, did you? You big silly, you!


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