Makoto is a human from the Generation One continuity family.

"SunTiger is a GREAT name!"

Makoto (マコト) is a Japanese schoolboy in the same class as Kenji. He favors the Decepticons in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. His wristwatch is a temporal anomaly.


Fight! Super Robot Lifeform comic

In a scheme to make the Autobots look bad, the Stunticons and Onslaught disguised themselves with Autobot symbols, ran wild in vehicle mode, and left behind notes forged with Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus's signatures which claimed Autobot responsibility for the destruction.

At school, Kenji's classmates were distraught by the Autobots' apparent betrayal. Kenji said they were all being deceived, but Makoto didn't think so—he thought that the Decepticons were the real heroes and would beat down the Autobots in the struggle for Earth, flashing his transforming Galvatron wristwatch as he said so.

This riled up Kenji, who told Makoto to shut up, adding that the Autobots were the true allies of justice.


  • Makoto's watch is a transforming Galvatron wristwatch that was first available in Japan during the 1980s. However, at the time of the story, Galvatron did not yet exist in-continuity. The circumstances behind this are best not thought about.
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