Major Mayhem is a group of Decepticon Mini-Cons who are all under Stockade's command.

Trànsformers Robots in Disguise


Season 2

After Stockade was freed from his stasis pod when the Alchemor crashed on Earth, he gathered a legion of Mini-Con Cyclones. They stumbled across one of Windblade's caches and awaited for Windblade, Sideswipe, Drift, Slipstream, Jetstorm, and Optimus to arrive at the cache so Windblade could access passed the force field around the cache. In no time, Stockade and legion of Cyclones attacked the Autobots. During the attack, some of the Cyclones managed to get the best of the Autobots as a few of them used a cannon to shoot Drift, who saved his Mini-Con students from being impacted by the blast. This left the Autobots at a disadvantage as they were divided into different rooms around the abandoned military facility. The Cyclones had secured Sideswipe with Drift's Mini-Cons in a building across from where Stockade and some of his troops was, which they were left to attempt to open the cache that Drift had taken shelter of. Optimus and Windblade were forced to hide in a bunker to get away from the Cyclones. Drift used a ruse to get Stockade and troops to scan the cache for any "doomsday" device, which Sideswipe used a trick to get Stockade's Cyclones into allowing him to get out of his secured room. Sideswipe closed two of the Cyclones in the room and revealed he had Jetstorm and Slipstream as they took out the Cyclones. When Drift's ruse was discovered, Stockade and his troops opened fire on the cache. Drift was safe with the weapons in the cache as he used one to cover for Slipstream over the Cyclone. The Autobots join in on the fight as Optimus fought and bested Stockade while the others defeated the Mini-Con army. Stockade and his Mini-Con Cyclones were taken back to Denny Clay's scrapyard to be held in stasis pods alongside their commanding officer.



  • All the major Mayhems are green but one is orange which indicates that he could be the commander of the other major mayhem's.
  • The orange Major Mayhem may seems to be the minicon Volcano from the Adventure line
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