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Majin Zarak is a mechanoid from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Majin Zarak is a vicious killing monster, feared by Maximals, Predacons and whatever else beholds his might. He feels no sympathy, he feels no remorse, he goes about killing as one would go about breathing. He thinks nothing of it. Majin Zarak’s origin is a mystery. He was created centuries ago only to vanish without a trace. Majin Zarak is an unstoppable force equated only to Armageddon; a masterpiece of war.

Note: Majin is a Japanese word combining the kanji for mashō, meaning "demonic", and jin, meaning "race of people". "Majin" typically translates to "demon".


Beast Wars II

Majin Zarak arrving in Gaea.

When a mysterious space-time-warping device crash-landed on the Planet Gaea, the Maximals, led by Lio Convoy, and the Predacons, led by Galvatron, raced to be the first to get it. Their first attempt failed but Galvatron managed to trick Lio Junior into giving the Predacon's the key to the device. After they obtained it, they activated it with the intent of summoning a Megatron (either the old one or the new one) , however Gigastorm screwed up the calculation's and summoned the titanic of a Decepticon Majin Zarak. Galvatron was far happier with Majin Zarak, proclaiming him to be a far greater weapon the Megatron. Galvatron set up his control room inside (the control being a steering wheel?), transformed the robot and proceeded to attack the Maximal's.

To counter the threat of the nigh-invincible Majin Zarak, Magnaboss summoned Optimus Primal from the Beast Wars of Prehistoric Earth.

Zarak under Galvatron's control about to blast the Maximals

The Maximal's attempted an ariel attack but this proved useless and started a ground assault. After a few second's most of the Predacon's retreated and Gigastorm was kicked off the ship by Lio Convoy. Galvatron then revealed his secret to the Maximal's and transformed Zarak into robot mode. Zarak then proceeded to fire on the Maximal's with his neck cannon. However Galvatron recived a challenge message. Mistaking this for Lio Convoy, Galvatron headed off to point B-2 to find Lio Convoy.

Zarak transforming at will revealing that he has a will of his own

Galvatron and Majin Zarak arrived to find that it was in fact Optimus Primal that sent the message. Galvatron out of rage tried to make Zarak ram Magnaboss but the Maximal combiner grabbed and threw Zarak, tossing Galvatron out of him, but the Predacon leader was saved by Gigastorm as he vowed revenge and flew away. Majin Zarak appeared to be defeated, but then transformed at will revealing that he did in fact have a mind of his own. Scuba revealed that Galvatron never had control at all. Most of the Maximal's open fired on Majin Zarak only to be blasted, leaving only Lio Convoy, Optimus Primal, Apache and Bullhorn to fight, but the latter Maximal's were soon defeated. Zarak attempted to kill Convoy but Primal was able to save him and temporarily hide them both from Zarak.

Majin Zarak about to be attacked by Optimus Primal and Lio Convoy

In the end, the Scuba and Diver discovered his weak-spot was the third eye on his forehead, which was where all his nerve-endings were clustered. Zarak then used that eye to find the two Maximal commander's with infra red. Just as Zarak was going in for the kill, Lio Convoy and Optimus Primal used the combined power of their individual Energon Matrices to transform themselves into Flash Lio Convoy and Burning Convoy.

Majin Zarak's last moments

Convoy and Primal in beast mode jumped up to Zarak, the monster tried to grab the Maximal's but was unable, allowing Primal to transform and ram Zarak's eye. Primal and Lio Convoy then flew up to Zarak's head and unleashed the power of their Matrices into a combined attack called the "Double Matrix Blast". The blast struck Majin Zarak destroying most of his parts. While stunned, the two Maximal commander's channeled the Matrix energy into a single combined punch through Zarak's eye and out his back, killing him in the resulting explosion.

Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger


...on land and sea and air!

Stare into your soul.

  • Majin is a Japanese word, which is usually written as "魔神" (lit. "Demonic God") or "魔人" (lit. "Demonic human") in kanji.
  • Galvatron was, in fact, trying to find someone else with the time gate and only summoned Majin Zarak by accident when Megastorm fouled up the frequency calculations. The being they were actually looking for was Megatron, although it is unclear whether they were after Beast Wars Megatron or Generation One Megatron. In any case, Galvatron viewed Majin Zarak's appearance as a thoroughly happy accident, declaring that "we obtained a weapon superior to Megatron."
  • Even though Majin Zarak is clearly a mechanical Transformer, its third eye and its behavior seem more organic than mechanical.
  • Majin Zarak seems to have some trait's in common with Unicron. Both made their début in a movie edition of their respective series as the main antagonist. Both were the largest robot's in their movie's, both appeared to be indestructible with only the Matrix being able to hurt them and ironically both loose their eyes in their last stands and are both killed by the current Autobot/Maximal leader.
  • On an interesting note, Majin Zarak has tank treads in his air craft carrier mode.
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