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Myeah! I was framed, see! Myeah!

Mainframe Entertainment is a Canadian-based animation studio, founded in 1993, which specializes in computer generated animation.

Their first huge success was with their award-winning premiere series ReBoot. They were chosen by Hasbro to be the company to produce their big gamble; the Beast Wars television series. This gamble went on to win an Emmy and became possibly Mainframe's most successful project. This led to more work, not only with the follow-up Beast Machines, but on the War Planets show/commercial and the CGI Spider-Man series for MTV.

Upon firing much of their writing and animation staff, MainFrame began a slow descent in terms of critical acclaim and financial consistency, distracting themselves with direct-to-video Barbie movies, and Scary Godmother. The company was purchased by Rainmaker Entertainment in 2006, and renamed as Rainmaker Animation.

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