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Mainframe is a Decepticon in the Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots portion of the Movie continuity family.
Mainframe takeover

Megabyte Magmatron

Mainframe is a malevolent monster of a Decepticon. Rather than possessing a conventional alternate mode, Mainframe changes shape by draining the energy from any mechanism, living or unliving. He can then duplicate that mechanism's form to the smallest detail.

He also possesses the ability to generate numerous drone units by duplicating his own body structure, although apparently even this degree of authority is insufficient for the megalomaniacal Mainframe - his thirst for power may be as unquenchable as Megatron's or Starscream's.


Bumblebee's Mission Log

Movie Mainframe

I am not from Star Craft!

Mainframe was exiled from Cybertron two hundred years ago after a short-lived usurpation of Megatron's position. He evidently made his way to Earth, where he was almost certainly responsible for the disappearance of Flash and Ridge and the apparent death of Sphinx.

Once the Autobots were able to break enough of his encoded communications to his troops, however, Bumblebee was able to flush Mainframe into the open by feeding him false information about the location of the All Spark. A full-scale war between Mainframe's drones and the Earthbound Chevy Autobots resulted. During the conflict, Mainframe used a trap to abduct Bumblebee and drain his spark, prompting Autobot 10-22 to take command of the Chevy Autobots.

Ultimately, Mainframe's Arctic headquarters was discovered, and he deployed his general Maelstrom against the Autobots as a last line of defense. As the Autobots continued to attack, Mainframe sacrificed a large portion of his spark energy to heal his general. But this move backfired, as Maelstrom was defeated and the Autobots entered the base to fight a now-weakened Mainframe. By using strategy against the Decepticon, the Autobots finally defeated Mainframe, freeing Bumblebee, Flash, Ridge and Sphinx.


  • Mainframe's backstory conflicts with the events as described in other pre-movie fictions, as it has Megatron functional a mere two centuries back, when elsewhere he's been frozen on Earth for a lot longer than that. Of course, the whole online game story kind of can't really happen in the normal movie timeframe anyway...

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