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Magno Sound & Video is an American post-production studio. In 2003, when Kid Rhino remastered The Transformers, Magno was contracted to remaster the mono soundtrack into a 5.1 multi-channel track befitting a DVD release, but mixer Michael Jordan and sound designer Jeff Formosa infamously added in 30 new tracks of sound effects that did not exist in the original soundtrack by Sunbow Productions. When professionally interviewed, their reasoning was that the new mixes would appeal to a broader audience [1]; when simply asked about it by fans, they lied about adding the noises and claimed that they had always been there, but that they had not been heard before because of the limitations of 1980s televisions. [2]

In 2005, UK DVD distributor Metrodome brought Magno in to do similar work for their Transformers: The Movie - Reconstructed release, and again, Magno introduced the random sound effects heard in the Rhino release of the television series. When confronted on the issue by Metrodome, who were not informed that the audio would be modified to this extent, they continued to lie about the sounds always having been there.[3]

These "improvements" have been met with considerable ire from the Transformers fandom, and since then, subsequent remasters of the Generation One cartoons have generally left the soundtracks alone.


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