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Specifics: Toy
Magnificus is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Stand close, small friend.

Magnificus (マガニフィカス) is the former Decepticon military counsul of the Mebion domain, wrongly ousted by his rivals. Sent into pit-fighting arenas, Magnificus has developed an incredible level of fighting skill.

He has teamed with the Micronaut Ga'mede, a kindred spirit who he rescued from a death at the hands of betrayers himself, and together they wreak a terrible revenge on those who wronged them. The two have amassed an impressive arsenal of destructive weapons over the course of numerous campaigns.


Dreamwave Comics

Probably not a Headmaster.

A black clone of Perceptor created by Shockwave was seen inside a cloning tube in a secret underground facility on Cybertron, alongside several other alternate-color clones of various characters. The Protectobots were later combing over the lab to secure it for the Autobots.

Note: Since the clone's appearance pre-dates the release of the Magnificus toy by over a year, officially, he's not Magnificus, just a convenient pre-existing color scheme for the toy body. In fact, of the six clones seen, three were previously officially same-character alternate-color toys ("Movie Preview" Ultra Magnus, Twincast and Soundblaster), and one other was never officially a clone previously (Ricochet). But fans have made the obvious retcon.


Generation One

  • Magnificus & Ga'Mede (Decepticon, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: 68
    • Accessories: "Ion Rifle", "Spear Gun" missile launcher, 3 missiles
An e-Hobby exclusive redeco of the Perceptor toy, Magnificus transforms into a working microscope (though not with a very high magnification rate), as well as a tank that Microman figures can ride. As with all Japanese releases, he has a fully-functional spring-loaded missile launcher weapon, where the US versions had to have them weakened for safety reasons.
He came with his partner Ga'mede.


  • Magnificus' coloration is based on the mold's original pre-Transformers Microman colors. This toy was designed to work with the then-current Microman figures. The set of Magnificus and Ga'Mede is a celebration of Transformers and Microman's shared history with Takara.

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