This article is about the Autobot subgroup. For the text story that introduced it, see The Magnificent Six!.

The Magnificent Six is a group of Autobots in the Marvel UK portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Early in Cybertron's civil war before Optimus Prime rose to command, a group of Autobots were covertly sent deep into Decepticon territory to create chaos and confusion among the enemy. Their actions led them to be dubbed the 'Magnificent Six.'

The lunatic Decepticon Megadeath captured and tortured the Six, eventually killing Stampede. The five survivors tried to forget the mission.

In 1990, the survivors, plus Silverbolt banded together at the site of their original failure. Prowl referred to them as the new Magnificent Six, but Jazz disagreed, saying they had learned since then "There's nothing magnificent about war." The Magnificent Six!

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