This article is about the Autobot unicorn from Universe. For the Autobot from the Generation One Marvel UK comic, see Stampede.

Magna Stampede is an Autobot in the Universe portion of the Generation One continuity family.

A contempt for prancing ponies.

Magna Stampede is one of a long line of sacred guardians of the High Council members' estates. It is a role he takes very seriously, especially with the re-appearance of Decepticons on technorganic Cyberton.

Where his partner Stockade provides brawn, Magna Stampede is the brains of the pairing. He's incredibly smart and an expert in strategy and combat improvisation... but this is not to say he's a lightweight. He's also an expert in numerous martial arts, and his beast-mode horn and robot-mode vibro-scythe can pierce or cleave through most any armor.

(Note: Magna Stampede's bio information comes from an unpublished — yet officially-approved — bio written by 3H. It is just one of many Universe profiles written and approved, but unpublished for whatever reason.)



  • Stockade & Magna Stampede with Prowl & Terradive (Ultra, 2004)
Magna Stampede

Magna Stampede

A redeco of Battle Unicorn, Magna Stampede transforms into a technorganic unicorn. A dial on his beast mode's left shoulder activates an "attack" gimmick, moving his head up and down. He was available only in a multi-pack with Stockade and the Mini-Cons Prowl and Terradive.

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