Maelstrom is a Decepticon in the Transformers: Rise of the Chevy Autobots portion of the Movie continuity family.


Maelstrom is the General of Mainframe's drone army. A near perfect replica of Mainframe, he is virtually indestructible, capable of handily defeating hundreds of opponents without strain.


Bumblebee's Mission Log

After the Autobot known as 10-22 tracked down the location of Mainframe's Arctic headquarters where the kidnapped Bumblebee had been taken, Maelstrom was deployed to defend the base, forcing the Chevy Autobots to face him in combat. No single Autobot could bring him down, but every attack chipped away at his power levels.

After countless battles, Optimus Prime sent a communication to the Chevy Autobots, noting that the weakened Maelstrom had just received a huge surge of energy...power from Mainframe's own spark. Despite their foe's power increase, the Autobots continued to attack, realizing that once they got past Maelstrom, Mainframe would be significantly weakened.

Ultimately, the endless waves of enemies proved too much for Maelstrom, and he was destroyed, allowing Prime and the Autobots to infiltrate Mainframe's base.

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