G1 Menonia

Ironically, this episode has nothing to do with Galvatron.

A quick stroll through Cybertron leads Daniel Witwicky and Grimlock to someplace different.

Japanese title: "Daniel in Wonderland"

Detailed synopsis

Madman Paradise Grimlock drinks

If guest not give good tip, Me Grimlock eat them.

On Cybertron, the Autobots are hosting a diplomatic event for a number of species, with Rodimus Prime, Spike, and Carly Witwicky introducing the guests. One ambassador compliments Spike and Carly's "post-embryonic spawn", but Daniel takes it the wrong way. Spike tells Daniel that he can go off and play, but to stay out of trouble (and keep the tuxedo clean and intact). Daniel thinks that there is nobody to play with and complains that there is nobody to get into trouble with anyway. Grimlock, hearing that, decides to give some help on that matter, and follows Daniel (it sure beats serving drinks).

However, Grimlock does not like the place that they are walking around in. Daniel kicks a gear that is lying around, but it hits a panel in the wall, revealing a secret passage in the floor. Grimlock leans forward to get a better view, but falls in, knocking Daniel in as well. Sliding down, Grimlock and Daniel are barely able to grab the ledge of a rail on the other side of a crevice. Jumping into the room, they find a room covered in ancient symbols. Daniel notices a neat looking monster, but Grimlock thinks that it's handsome, like him. However, his wagging tail hits the symbol, causing a red circle in the floor to glow, through which Daniel and Grimlock sink. Grimlock and Daniel find themselves somewhere other than Cybertron. And someone, wearing a red cloak, is aware of their arrival.

Back at the party, Carly is having trouble finding Daniel. She asks Ultra Magnus or Blaster if they have seen him, at which point the alien ambassador tells them she saw Daniel walking away with a Dinobot. The prospect of Grimlock and Daniel together and unsupervised naturally causes everyone to freak out, but Rodimus calls for calm (the planet is still intact, after all). The Autobot leader sends Blaster and Ultra Magnus to search for them, with Carly tagging along.

Elsewhere, Grimlock and Daniel come across some strange tree-centaurs. They demand to know who the two fight for, and Grimlock says nobody. The tree-centaurs decide to attack. Bad idea, as Grimlock proceeds to toss them around. However, one tree-centaur causes Grimlock's leg to freeze, making him fall down. The tree-centaurs begin tying Grimlock to the ground (think Gulliver's Travels, but with robots). The man in red is impressed with Grimlock's power, and sends a bolt of energy to attack the tree-centaurs with a wave of his tentacle. He heads out, changing his tentacle into a hand, and welcomes them to Menonia, the realm they have entered. He offers an invitation from the Red Wizard, which is clearly the old man. Taking them to the castle, the Red Wizard claims that the world was once ruled by the Golden One, a powerful sorcerer-king, but that the Golden One disappeared, and the Red Wizard took his place. However, evil rebels fought against the Red Wizard. He asks for Grimlock's help, while Daniel, who is asleep, is taken to somewhere more comfortable - the dungeon.

On Cybertron, Steeljaw has tracked down Grimlock and Daniel's scent, and discovered the room they were in. Rewind discovers that the writings on the wall are Quintesson inscriptions. The room was a banishment point for the Quintessons, where they would exile their own to various dimensions for various crimes. Rewind concludes that the wayward duo are in Menonia, where Mara-Al-Utha was banished for practicing sorcery. Perceptor activates the portal and stays behind to reopen it when they need help.

Meanwhile, Daniel wakes up, and sees the old man chained to the dungeon. Using a handy-dandy lightsaber energy blade, Daniel frees the old man, who explains that the Red Wizard was the one who imprisoned the Golden One in a cave. The Golden One loyalists begin an attack on the castle, which frees the two. Grimlock, still duped, begins fighting off the invaders. Daniel and the old man head for the cave in which the Golden One was imprisoned, while the Autobots and Carly, having arrived in Menonia, head to assist Grimlock. However, a piece of Daniel's tuxedo gets cut off, which Carly finds, and Steeljaw sniffs him out. Reaching the young man, Daniel explains to Carly and the cassettes that the Red Wizard is evil, but the Golden One's loyalists are already in retreat. Since they cannot move the stone and free the Golden One, the old man despairs of all hope.

At this point Ramhorn charges the rock, causing it to shatter. The Golden One, exposed to sunlight, is free and reenergized. The old man explains the situation, and the Golden One attacks the Red Wizard's castle. The Golden One's arrival causes the Red Wizard to reveal his true form—as the Quintesson Mara-Al-Utha! The Red Wizard attacks, and the Golden One is too weak to defend. He knows of counter spells that will stop Mara-Al-Utha, but he needs them to be heard. Blaster transforms into cassette player mode, and gives the Golden One a microphone. The Golden One speaks his counter spells, and Mara-Al-Utha is banished somewhere else.

When the battle is over, the Golden One sends the Autobots and the humans back to Cybertron. However, when they get back, Spike wants to have a talk with Daniel. He insists it was an accident, and Grimlock backs him up, saying that Daniel didn't mean to ruin his tux. Everyone but Grimlock begins laughing.


Original airdate: ???

Written by: Craig Rand

Featured Characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans Others
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Notable quotes

"Where are we?"
"Not Cybertron. California, maybe?"

Daniel and Grimlock trying to determine their whereabouts.

"Hey, how about me? (laughs) Don't I get a hug!?"

Carly, right after she and Steeljaw have located Daniel...who warmly greets the latter

"Don't panic yet. Stay calm until we know what's going on. Then we'll panic."

Rodimus Prime on Daniel's and Grimlock's disappearance

"I dunno; my mom says never to go off with strangers."
"Everybody here stranger. Us not go with stranger, us not go."

Daniel tries to school Grimlock on inter-dimensional stranger-danger and fails miserably (candy wasn't even a factor in this case)

"Me Grimlock mixed up. If wizard so strong, why he need me Grimlock?"
"Because his enemies are many! Like insects, they swarm and ATTACK with raw force!!! With primitive magic, driven by hate and envy! THEY WILL NOT STOP!!!"
"Uhh, me Grimlock just wanted to know."

—The Red Wizard trips out on Grimlock, Old dude sure does know how to have a good spazz-out huh?


Animation and/or technical glitches

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Continuity errors

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Transformers references

  • Al-Badur, one of the Quintesson exiles mentioned, would be featured in 3H's Universe comic, where he was used to try to retcon the Quintesson creation story with the more popular Primus creation story - but then 3H lost the license before it was concluded. Bummer. Back to the fanwanking, people!
  • Like "Forever Is a Long Time Coming" and "Only Human", this is one of the few episodes to not feature Decepticons.

Real-world references

  • Grimlock shouts, "Me Grimlock mad!" which is a reference to Hulk.


  • This is the second episode (in a row mind you) that Daniel has gotten into life-threatening danger.


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