The Madmachine is a wacky robot bug from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Kabuto, I choose you!

The Madmachine is a Decepticon invention resembling an Earthen horseshoe crab, scuttling around on small legs with a hard-shelled outer layer. It projects electromagnetic beams from its forward protrusions, which can cripple electronic computer systems, and have a limited paralytic effect on Transformers themselves.

RTM dub name: The Magnetic Bug


Developed on Chaar shortly after the Decepticons’ initial failure to take control of Vector Sigma, the Madmachine’s completion coincided with the rebirth of Soundwave as Soundblaster. With a sonic control device implanted in his chest, Soundblaster broadcasted commands to the Madmachine as it was field-tested on Earth, crippling Metroplex with ease.

In order to learn more about this newest threat, the Autobots resurrected Blaster as Twincast, who invaded Trypticon and learned of Soundblaster’s sonic control. As the Deception Headmasters led the Madmachine in an attack on Cybertron, Twincast blasted his way onto the Decepticon space bridge and transported himself to Chaar. Confronting Soundblaster, he destroyed the sonic control, and the malfunctioning Madmachine was destroyed by the Autobot Headmasters. Operation Cassette

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