Machtackle is a dynamic duo of a machine composed of the Multiforce members Mach and Tackle. As a combatant he is skilled enough to defeat the Dinoforce, though typically he is ordered into reserve when Breastforce becomes involved. Though Machtackle can be formed in two different configurations by his two members, usually Mach forms the torso and head, while Tackle becomes the legs. Possibly this is so Tackle doesn't have to be constantly explaining things to Mach, though it is anyone's guess which of the pair would be happier about it.

Trust us, the engines and tail fin look much better on top.


Victory cartoon

Voice actor: Yūki Satō, formerly Hiroyuki Satō (Japan)

Machtackle helped wipe the floor with the Dinoforce during an assault on a power plant, though it became necessary to become Landcross to defeat the powerful Dinoking. Unite!! Multiforce During a random visit to the American southwest, Machtackle encountered a vanishing underground river, a crazy old man, and a prairie dog. That was his best appearance. Even better was when he became Tacklemach, just to prove his robo-gender. Mach and Tackle

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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