Mach Road is an Autobot from the Operation Combination portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Mach Road is a "wind speed warrior". Given that curious job description, it's no surprise that he uses the energy of the wind against the Decepticons.

He used to be friends with Flare Jet, but now Mach Road intends to punish his rival with his super-sonic wave attack!


Operation Combination

  • Mach Road vs. Flare Jet (Versus pack, 1992)
    • Japanese ID number: TF-09
    • Accessories: Engine/missile launcher, 3 missiles
G1Boss toy

Who's the Boss?

Mach Road’s toy is identical to the Turbomaster Boss, transforming into a car of indeterminate model that is heavily reminiscent of the Batmobile used in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film. The front of his vehicle mode features a huge turbine engine, which is really a spring-loaded missile-launching cannon usable in both vehicle and robot modes. He was sold in Japan only as part of a two-pack with Flare Jet.

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