Mach Kick is a Maximal from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

That horse head must hate his life

Mach Kick is the former sub-commander of the Thoroughbred Corps. After their destruction at the hands of the Predacons, he was left the only survivor. Once he recovered, he was sent to aid Big Convoy in his quest to obtain the Angolmois capsules.

Mach Kick has a very free spirit and a rowdy attitude. He enjoys cavorting about and partying like he was in a college fraternity. Longrack can’t stand him one bit and the two of them get into arguments on a near daily basis. While a party animal on the outside, he has great wisdom and courage within that shines through in the most unlikely situations.


Beast Wars Neo animation

Voice actor: Teruaki Ogawa (Japanese)

Beast Wars Neo manga

IDW Beast Wars comics

Mach Kick is part of Lio Convoy's elite special operations unit, the Pack. He travels with them to prehistoric earth to rescue Razorbeast and co. He's in charge of tracking Razorbeast's near non-existent signal back to its source so it's understandable it takes him a bit to get it right. When the group charges into battle with the Predacons there he smashes Scourge with a buck to the chest and Terragator tries to ride him bareback. The Ascending #2


Beast Wars Neo

  • Mach Kick (Deluxe, 1999)
Japanese ID number: C-36, VS-36
Mach Kick transforms into a grey and black horse.
Quite likely the only transformer in history with a brushable tail.


  • Mach Kick is one of three Beast Wars Neo toys whose designs were determined via a contest held by Japanese Television Magazine. The winning designs were revealed in the April 1999 issue. The others winning designs became Archadis and Bazooka.

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