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Maccadams old oil house

" be loved by you."

For those in the know, sub-level six on Cybertron's lower-east quadrant is better known as Maccadam's Old Oil House--the biggest single source of black market fuel on Cybertron. Its main attraction, beyond the fuel itself, is that the proprietors make no distinction between Autobots, Neutralists and Decepticons. If you can pay, you can stay.

And they have a harpsichord that turns into a robot. You don't get much cooler than that.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK comic are in italics.

The Wreckers liked to visit there on their downtime. They went there when wondering whether or not to go ahead with Operation: Volcano, and Twin Twist renewed their spirits when he refused to let a Decepticon bully one of the staff. Target: 2006

When Thunderwing rose to power, he ended Maccadam's status as a neutral area. Out to Lunch!

Feeling like losers, Dreadwind and Darkwing chose to drink away their sorrows at Maccadam's Old Oil House. The Mecannibals followed them to the pub, eating their way past Rocky, the bouncer. The Mecannibals immediately began tearing up the joint, with the pair of inebriated Decepticons blissfully unaware of the chaos around them. Luckily, Quickswitch was present and leapt into action. After a brief skirmish, Quickswitch used his tunneling mode to bury the Mecannibals alive deep underground. Out to Lunch!

Dreamwave Generation One comics

Prime Spark

Maccadam's is a dimensional nexus where Transformer faction leaders from all the alternate realities can go for boozing and shmoozing after they die. If they are brought back to life in their own timeline, they exit the bar. Particularly significant characters have a tab waiting for them. Prime Spark

Cybertron comic

Crush Groove and Jackhammer successfully pulled the heist of the century, breaking into Maccadam's Old Oil House and stealing all the Energon and oil they'd ever need.

Or at least, it would have been the heist of the century, if they hadn't waited for everyone to evacuate due to the Unicron Singularity. Even then it would have still been good for bragging rights if they hadn't immediately been killed by Ramjet and Nemesis Prime.

Crime just doesn't pay.

Transformers Animated cartoon

After Captain Fanzone ended up on Cybertron after a mishap with the Space Bridge, Ratchet traveled there to rescue him. Later, Ratchet decided to visit Maccadam's Old Oil House, only to find it closed down. This Is Why I Hate Machines

Transformers Prime


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