MSTF is an annual BotCon event at which various Transformers episodes and videos are ridiculed (lovingly, most of the time) in the vein of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

List of MSTF panels

BotCon 1997

BotCon 1998

BotCon 1999

BotCon 2000

BotCon 2001

BotCon 2002

  • No MSTF event was held in 2002, due to a variety of issues.

OTFCC 2003

("Satellite of Doom" and "When Continents Collide" were both "animated"—and we use that term loosely—video versions of the See & Read storybooks of the same names.)

OTFCC 2004

(The version of "More Than Meets the Eye" shown featured Tommy Kennedy bumpers.)

BotCon 2005

BotCon 2006

BotCon 2007

  • The Transformers: The Movie (completely rescripted)

BotCon 2008

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