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The MECH Surgeon is an agent of the MECH organization. He performs surgical operation on machines, specifically Transformers. Unlike the rest of MECH, he wears a lab coat on top of his MECH uniform.

Transformers: Prime

Operation: Breakdown

After MECH captured Breakdown the surgeon was tasked with dismantling him and using what they found to make a new generation of weapons. He managed to cut out Breakdown's eye, which they converted into a two-way feed, allowing Silasto talk to the Autobots who were trying to rescue the Decepticon. When Bulkhead came to Breakdown's rescue, Silas and the "medical" team evacuated before he reached the prisoner. They had however gained enough info on his internal workings to launch Project Chimera.


A deal struck with Airachnid allowed MECH to capture Arcee and hold her in their temporary facility in Jasper, Nevada. Silas ordered the surgeon to cut open Arcee and take her "heart", suspecting that Airachnid might double cross them if they did things her way. Arcee woke up and beat up the surgeon and his assistant after they cut her out of Airachnid's webbing. The appearance of Agent Fowler and his men forced MECH to retreat but not before observing Airachnid scanning Fowler's helicopter. 

Operation: Bumblebee

As Project Chimera neared completion, MECH attacked Bumblebee to get their hands on a T-cog. Once the scout was paralyzed, the surgeon extracted it, in quicker time then he thought. Thankfully this quick time allowed them to take off with the cog in time to avoid Bulkhead. Though he installed it into the robot they'd built, the cog failed to give it the ability to transform, no matter what the surgeon did. He was there to witness Starscream's partner proposal to MECH.  Later, with the help of Starscream, MECH found some Energon to fuel their robot and reactivated the test with their new power source. Though the test was going well, Bumblebee, seeking to take back his T-cog, attacked the base and destroyed the robot, forcing Silas, the surgeon and MECH to retreat... but not without taking Starscream's T-cog first. 

Nemesis Prime

As Silas tested Nemesis Prime, the surgeon checked that the interface was all working as expected. He was later knocked out by Fowler when the agent invaded the MECH base, but regained consciousness soon after and surrounded Fowler after Silas kicked him to the floor. However Nemesis Prime came through the roof, forcing the Surgeon and his men to run. After their experiment fell on Silas, the surgeon attended to the MECH leader. The prognosis was not good, but the surgeon had a solution ready involving Breakdown's recently acquired corpse

The Human Factor

He successfully integrated Silas into Breakdown's systems. The newly-awakened "Cylas" promptly decided he had no need for the surgeon or any of the other MECH personnel, and killed them. 


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