250px-Convoy MECH Navigator
The MECH Navigator is an agent of the MECH organization. A superb pilot, he also knows exactly how to deal with hackers.

Transformers: Prime


The MECH navigator took part in the mission to steal the Dingus from Agent Fowler. His helicopter managed to shoot down Fowler's plane, but Fowler moved the Dingus to a truck to continue transporting it. As the Autobots made mincemeat of the MECH ground units, the navigator observed that they weren't civilian drivers. They watched the Autobots head through a tunnel, and after some unidentified fighters destroyed Prime's trailer, the navigator scanned for the expected radiation and found none. The Autobots transforming to fight the Decepticon forces distracted Silas for a moment, but the navigator reminded him of their mission and they went after the train the Autobots had transferred the Dingus to. When Raf Esquiveldiverted the train, the navigator uploaded a virus to his laptop. As they boarded the train, the navigator spotted Optimus Prime coming alongside, and after Silas made an attempt to destroy the train, he and the navigator flew off.

Operation: Breakdown

The navigator escorted Silas and another soldier to Russia to obtain Bulkhead and Breakdown, however they were only able to take Breakdown. As the MECH forces fought Bulkhead and Breakdown in Russia, the MECH Navigator again piloted Silas's helicopter, and warned the MECH leader when he detected Starscream and a number of Vehicons approaching the location.

Operation: Bumblebee

The navigator took part in the attack on Bumblebee to steal his T cog and escorted Silas and his surgeon back to base in time to avoid Bulkhead, but unaware that they were being watched by Starscream. 

It is plausible that he was killed by Silas along with the rest of the members of MECH in The Human Factor.

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