The MECH Commandos are agents of MECH.
200px-MECH Commando


These agents appeared in Convoy where they were trying to get a device from Agent Fowler but failed to due to Agent Fowler and the Autobots securing the device on a train.

In Operation: Breakdown, Silas and his men captured Breakdown and took some of his parts as a result. The soldiers tried to take on Bulkhead who came to rescue Breakdown. Both Cybertronians battled the soldiers and Bulkhead nearly became scrapped if it wasn't for Breakdown covering him.

In Crisscross, the soldiers appeared to help Silas capture Airachnid but failed as she took them one by one. Silas and his men made a deal with Airachnid of capturing Arcee and Jack. The soldiers escaped with Slas when Agent Fowler came on site.

In Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1, the soldiers were there to accompany Silas in stealing Bumblebee's T-Cog.

In Operation: Bumblebee, Part 2, Bumblebee fought and killed most of the soldiers. The soldier blasted Starscream near the end of this episode.

In Crossfire, few soldiers appeared to retrieve Breakdown's dead parts.

In Nemesis Prime, the soldiers rescued Silas from the rubble.

In The Human Factor, the soldiers revived Silas in Breakdown's dead body. In return, Silas killed his own men to join the Decepticons, which did not end well for him.


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