M9-2 Harpoon Gun

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The M9-2 Harpoon Gun is a weapon in the Movie continuity family.

The M9-2 Harpoon Gun is a weapon developed by Sector Seven, under the direction of Rebecca Howard. The initial prototype was completed in 2003. Featuring an armor-piercing projectile that weighs 21.2 kilograms, the weapon has a range of 55 meters with a muzzle velocity of 324 meters per second.


IDW Target-exclusive comic

Movie Targetcomic harpoon bumblebee

Damn thee, thou cursed NBE!

In 2003, as Bumblebee is leaving Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sector Seven field operatives attempt to capture him using M9-2 Harpoons while he is in vehicle mode but fail.

Transformers (2007)

Movie Harpooncapture Bumblebee

He's at the 30, the 20, nothing can stop--OOH!

After saving Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes from Agent Simmons, the Autobots find themselves on the run from Sector Seven reinforcements. As Optimus Prime hides in the spans under a bridge, Mikaela and Sam both fall when Sector Seven helicopters pass below. They are saved from a messy death when Bumblebee transforms and catches them both in mid-air. However, this provides a target for the Sector Seven helicopters, which are armed with the M9-2 Harpoons. They lasso and drag Bumblebee to the ground with ease as the Autobot refuses to fight back against his captors. Sector Seven cryo units then move in to freeze Bumblebee, who is tied fast by the cables. Transformers (film)


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