The Lunchables Brigade is a human task force in the live-action film continuity family.
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Long Live the Legion!

The Lunchables Brigade is a North American radical group advocating the abolition of routine lunches by means of direct mealtime intervention.

The Brigade is organized in small highly-mobile operation cells and utilizes strike-and-fade tactics to carry out their Extreme Lunch agenda. They are known to aggressively recruit children.

The Lunchables Brigade operates out of a mobile command center (usually disguised as a Treehouse) capable of transforming into a variety of vehicles to meet their mission needs. Treehouse facilities includes a situation room, several labs and crew quarters.

Core Members

Lunchables brigade

Left to right: Abel, Maya and Oscar

  • Abel — Super Inventor
  • Maya — Sports All-Star
  • Oscar — Funmaker


Live-action film continuity

Optimus Prime contacted the Lunchables Brigade and asked them to bypass Decepticon jamming and download essential datafiles for him via Cybertron Galactic Systems.

They handed the decoding off to one of their junior members. Datafile Decoder


  • Oscar and Maya are named after the Kraft brand, Oscar Mayer.

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