Luke Skywalker is a human in Star Wars.

The Force is strong enough to fight giant robots in this one.

In order to restore balance to the Force, Luke Skywalker must confront and defeat Darth Vader. Young Skywalker travels across the galaxy to face Vader and uses his attunement with the Force to convert his X-wing Fighter to a combat mecha. Luke battles the Empire's starfighters and ruthless bounty hunters as he embarks on his quest to confront his destiny. [1] He also has a transforming Snowspeeder.

It is almost certain that Luke Skywalker using one of his transforming vehicles would be an extremely powerful opponent for typical Cybertronians, since he's known to have held his own fighting the Unicron Trilogy's Megatron... on foot! Intriguingly, the only other "star warrior" known to have done so is Darth Vader, a.k.a. Anakin Skywalker, no doubt a relation. Perhaps someday we will get to see this powerful family in action in a story.



  • Intergalactic Showdown (Multi-pack, 2006)
Luke Skywalker comes in a set with Darth Vader, an AT-RT non-humanoid piloted robot with Clone pilot, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Omega Sentinel.
You can also get some other Attacktix figures of him, if you really want to.

Star Wars Transformers

  • Luke Skywalker X-wing Fighter (2006)
SWTF LukeSkywalker XWing toy

mY liFe is PAIN

Luke Skywalker's mech can transform from an X-Wing starfighter into a robot crafted in his likeness. The placement of the cockpit in robot mode gives it a see-through chest in which the small pilot figure can sit. Due to the transformation scheme, the arms have a good deal of articulation, including rotating wrists. The legs are attached to a ball joint and the hips may be raised or lowered. The X-Wing has pressure-launch missile launchers located on the end of each wing, and a lightsaber that can clip onto the robot's belt or be held in its hands.

An interesting thing about this is that there are two versions of the figure. The first release has ball-jointed hips that if stressed to hard (i.e. at all) will snap off. Later versions of the figure replace these flimsy joints with a sturdier double pin-joint system that has the same range of motion.
  • Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder (2007)
Luke-skywalker-snowspeeder products-11451-large

"Can somebody get this metal armor off me? Its heavy, I'm tired, and I have to take a dump."

This figure was quite the breath of fresh air after the first X-Wing Luke toy. The figure was a bit squat-looking, but had much better articulation allowing it to actually use its light saber, and move at all for that matter. It was a bit of a shell-former with most of its vehicle mode parts forming a massive kibble backpack. It was able to use the Snowspeeder's guns as two pistols in robot mode. The lightsaber is also stuffed into the vehicle mode's kibble shell when Luke is in vehicle mode.


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