Lugnut Supreme is a Decepticon from the Animated continuity family.

Omega Supreme got a GLORIOUS face lift!


Transformers Animated cartoon

Using pieces from the Decepticon warship and three protoforms, Megatron created three clones in Omega Supreme's form. Though he claimed to be the one given the activation codes to bring his creations to life, Megatron knew the clones would not be able to follow his commands and arranged it that Lugnut would get the codes. As a result, the Lugnut Supremes bear not only Lugnut's face but also his loyalty. Entering one of them, Megatron took the clones to Earth in order to destroy the Autobots there. Endgame, Part 1

Behaving like the Japanese movie monsters, the Lugnut supremes went shooting the place. One got destroyed and the other two suddenly got Starscream's faces. Endgame, Part 2


Transformers Animated Lugnut Supreme spaceship.jpg
You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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