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Lucky Draw figures are extremely limited-run versions of mass-release toys, given to winners of contests usually run by Japanese children's publications such as TV Magazine, TV Kun, and Comics Bonbon, but sometimes held through other collector-aimed, Transformers-related books or directly through TakaraTomy. These figures are typically either straightforward chrome-covered versions of figures (usually in gold or silver), or non-chrome redecos with entirely new color schemes.

Although Lucky Draw toys are primarily a Japanese concept, the name "Lucky Draw" did not originate in Japan, nor is it used there currently to describe these toys. In Japan, these toys are referred to as campaign prize items. The term "Lucky Draw" probably originated from Hong Kong and Singapore eBay sellers who typically label them "Lucky Draw" in their auctions.

The quantity of a Lucky Draw figure produced for a contest usually ranges from 10 to 50, but sometimes can be as few as one (Custom Color Galaxy Convoy) or as many as 300 (Black Tracks). However, sellers from Singapore and Hong Kong tend to obtain Lucky Draw figures in suspiciously high quantities, leading many collectors to believe that the total number produced is actually quite a bit higher than the number given away in the contest.

The extreme rarity and unique look of these toys makes them desirable to some high-end Transformers collectors, who pay as much as several thousand US dollars for a single Lucky Draw toy. Other collectors find no appeal in these figures because of the frequent use of gaudy-looking, all-over chrome on them and the high price tag.

Most well-known Transformers Lucky Draw toys were released during or after Beast Wars aired in Japan. During the entirety of Generation One in Japan, only three Lucky Draw exclusives are known to have been released: the gold Convoy trophy, the silver Chromedome trophy, and the Transformer Junior leaders set. (Rare chromed versions of many of Kabaya's Generation One Transformers kits exist. These may have been given out as Lucky Draw toys as well.) Several other Lucky Draw figures were released during Diaclone and Microman Microchange, including chrome versions of Jazz, Bluestreak, and Browning.

The Lucky Draw concept is almost exclusively Japanese. The only known Lucky Draw-type toys from a contest held outside of Japan were an Optimus Prime with a custom head based on the winner, offered as a door prize at BotCon 2006, and a highly detailed, non-transforming, chromed movie Optimus Prime in truck mode and robot mode given away by Hasbro in a fan video contest on TechTV.

List of Known Lucky Draw Figures

Generation One

Rainbow munkys.

Beast Wars

Beast Wars II

Beast Wars Neo

Beast Wars Metals

  • Gold Convoy
  • Silver Convoy (not to be confused with Apelinq)
  • Gold Megatron
  • Silver Megatron
  • Gold Convoy Vs. Silver Megatron

Car Robots

If you squint really hard, you can't even see me.

Meet your Makerbot.

Collectors Edition Japanese

On the Highway to Heaven

Micron Legend

I'm much better in Black.



  • Gold Convoy


Robot Masters

Galaxy Force

NOT "Night Slash Cheetas"

Beast Wars Returns

  • Perfect Choice Cheetas


  • Gold Optimus Prime
  • Gold Protoform Optimus Prime
  • Gold Protoform Starscream
  • Gold Leader Class Oprimus Prime (Hasbro HK Statue)


  • Gold Convoy
  • Gold Galvatron

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