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The battle on Nebulos escalates as the Decepticons create their own Headmasters.


The Decepticons continue to wreak havoc on the formerly peaceful world of Nebulos, and the Autobots do their best to fight back, despite mistrust from the world's citizens. Meanwhile, Scorponok has captured a group of Nebulans led by Lord Zarak, and use them as laboratory animals for experiments, by which they intend to dispose of the humanoid populace of the planet. Lord Zarak successfully bargains for his life and convinces the Decepticons to duplicate the Headmaster process.

Luring the Autobots into a trap, the newly enhanced Decepticons prove to be a match for the Headmaster Autobots. Further distracting the Autobots by attacking innocent Nebulans, the Decepticons are able to defeat the Headmaster Autobots and imprison their humanoid binary-partners.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Nebulans


  • On the splash page, the second narrative caption is incomplete, as it reads, "But all that changed a few hours ago . . . when these seven living mechanical monsters — the Decepticons Apeface, Cutthroat, Snapdragon, Rippersnapper, Hun-grr, Sinnertwin, and Blot —" . . . Presumably there should have been a third narrative caption telling what the monsters are doing. (Not that it isn't obvious from the art, but still.)
  • Slugslinger and Triggerhappy are shown retreating with Snapdragon and the Terrorcons; Apeface and Blot are missing from the group. Rippersnapper is colored with Blot's color scheme in the same panel.

Items of note

  • Advertised as part 3 in a 4-issue limited series.

Covers (5)

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Specifics: UK cover
  • U.S. cover: Autobot Headmasters safe the Nebulans in bubbles by Frank Springer
  • UK issue 138 cover: Rollbar, Goldbug and the ladies by Barry Kitson
  • UK issue 139 cover: Blaster road surfs on Rollbar and Chase by Robin Smith
  • UK issue 140 cover: Swindle threatening Big Steve by Lee Sullivan
  • UK issue 141 cover: Brawl by Lee Sullivan

Is Rollbar getting wood, er... metal?


Issue 139 cover


Issue 140 cover


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