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The Autobots clash with Decepticons Lugnut and Blitzwing, who come to Earth searching for their missing leader, Megatron.



The scourge of poor parking.

A lunar rover examines recent seismic activity on the Moon's surface and stumbles upon the crashed Nemesis. As it moves in for a closer look, a huge, unidentified object lands on the rover and crushes it. The huge thing turns out to be Lugnut. His partner, Blitzwing, offers some dancing lessons, but an annoyed Lugnut points out they've traveled across the galaxy to find Megatron's ship, not become light on their feet. Blitzwing comments that this is the same sector in which they lost track of Lockdown, and an argument breaks out (Lugnut doesn't like Lockdown), culminating in Lugnut confidently stating he knows Megatron still lives...

On Earth, Ratchet is rudely awakened from a stasis nap by an unapologetic Sari, who is in the middle of a street hockey game with Prowl, Bulkhead and Bumblebee. The game picks up, and Bumblebee is about to score, when a trash can makes a save! Sari tries to write it off, but Ratchet is quick to notice the key currently plugged into said can. He tells her off, but they are interrupted when the key begins to glow, followed by two glowing objects entering Earth's atmosphere. As a prophetic Ratchet decides this can't be good, camera-bots move in to investigate, but are quickly crushed by Blitzwing. Both he and Lugnut mistake a nearby crane as a sentient life form, and Lugnut demands to know Megatron's location. After a shove, the crane responds by slamming its wrecking ball into Blitzwing. Watching a live feed, Megatron muses over whether or not he can risk revealing himself. After all, he has already been betrayed once. At their home base, the Autobots get ready to mobilize. Sari is all fired up, but both Ratchet and Prime tell her she needs to wait behind, as they want to protect the innocents. (Bumblebee very quickly points out that they're innocent too.)


Tekken 6: Robot Revolution.

Back at the construction site, Blitzwing and Lugnut have decided to devastate the place in order to draw out the Autobots. It works, and things quickly kick off as Optimus is forced to slice a tanker thrown by Lugnut in half. This promising opener falls apart when Blitzwing prevents both Prowl and Bumblebee from launching any attacks. Ratchet manages to trap some of Lugnut's missiles (though the break through his magnetic grip, they still don't hit any of the Autobots), but as Bulkhead tries to outmuscle the massive 'Con, Lugnut proves to be too powerful and throws him aside. The combined efforts of Blitzwing and Lugnut prove too much for the Autobots, and things go from bad to worse when they tell the Decepticons Megatron burned up "over Cleveland". A raging Lugnut activates his rocket fists and levels the entire area, flooring the Autobots and burying both himself and Blitzwing.

As the Decepticons free themselves, Megatron becomes convinced of Lugnut's loyalty and opts to contact only him, while Blitzwing tells Lugnut to warn him before he using his big punch. Lugnut automatically decides to abandon the battle and answer the summons, dragging Blitzwing along and leaving behind some very confused Autobots. Blitzwing headbutts Lugnut in midair, and Lugnut responds in kind, slamming Blitzwing down into an army base. He explains he heard Megatron's voice, but Blitzwing merely hears approaching police. He suggests they scan local vehicle modes and hide, but Lugnut refuses until Megatron orders him to do so. He quickly scans a bomber, while Blitzwing, after a quick argument with himself, scans an assault tank and a fighter jet. Captain Fanzone arrives, but the Decepticons are already hiding in plain sight.

The Autobots have returned to base and are making repairs. The constant danger of attack makes Prime decide the best thing to do would be to repair the Ark and take the All Spark off of Earth. Sari takes this very badly, and she is most unwilling to use the key to help Ratchet fix the ship. For his part, Ratchet is less then pleased about having to work with a "protoform". Prime settles it by ordering the two to be partners.

Meanwhile, Lugnut and Blitzwing are perched on a blimp, observing the city below. Megatron transmits information on the key to Lugnut and orders the retrieval of it and the All Spark. Lugnut immediately transforms, followed by a less-than-willing Blitzwing.

At Lake Erie, the Autobots arrive, with Ratchet and Sari still bickering. They are quickly interrupted by Blitzwing and Lugnut. Ratchet and Sari make a break for it, but Blitzwing freezes the lake, preventing them from reaching the ship. However, they get a hand from Lugnut, who accidentally blasts a hole for them to get through. The Autobots dive in, and as Ratchet heads for the Ark, Lugnut and Blitzwing are stalled by the rest, thanks to some clever thinking from Prime. In the Ark, Ratchet has a moment alone with the ship, but ends up fighting with Sari, who storms off to the All Spark's cargo bay. Dejected, she gets the idea of damaging the ship enough to prevent it flying, but the key quickly repairs it. Suddenly, the All Spark opens to reveal an image of Megatron's head and the key. Moments later, a fully restored Megatron materializes, and a terrified Sari panics and opens the airlock. As water pours in, Ratchet manages to save her. Sari confesses to her sabotage, but a sympathetic Ratchet explains the reason he wants to leave is because he cares about the planet and its people...especially Sari.


This is gonna leave a mark.

Finally understanding, Sari agrees to help. Ratchet reveals the ship was originally a military vessel, and he hopes to bring the weapons bay back online. Outside, the Autobots are in serious trouble, but Sari's key soon reactivates the weapons bay, and Ratchet tells Optimus to draw the Decepticons to the Ark. As they close, he activates the main cannon and blows the pair of Decepticons to kingdom come. A furious Megatron loses his link, and the Decepticons crash down onto the surface of the lake in several badly damaged pieces.


Want to make a bad day worse? Just add Starscream.

Back at base, Sari uses the key to patch up Bumblebee, acting rather Ratchet like when he asks for some customization. Ratchet reveals that even with the key, it'll take some time to get the ship up and running, so they won't be gone for a good while, and Sari smiles happily. At the lake, Blitzwing calls for help, while Lugnut begs for a sign of Megatron's forgiveness. Remarkably they get a sign—a bad one, as Starscream shows up, promising exchange for loyalty.


Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans


"I believe only two things: The Decepticons will rule Cybertron, and Megatron will rule the Decepticons!"

Lugnut's mission statement

Angry Blitzwing: "These can't be those miserable Autobots, they're far too small—
Crazy Blitzwing: "But look at that one! It's big, it's bold, it's sassy!"
Lugnut: "You! What have you done with our beloved leader Megatron? Talk!"

Blitzwing and Lugnut interrogate a highly suspicious-looking crane.

"Way to whiff, torchy!"
"Ze name is Blitzwing! And I'm just getting warmed up!"

Bumblebee and Blitzwing have some mid-battle banter.

"Foolish Autobot, nothing moves Lugnut."

-Lugnut mocking Bulkhead and actually making a comment about someone else being dumb.

"If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: Give me some warning before you use the punch!"

Blitzwing on Lugnut's punch.

"I will not hide. I will stand proudly and shout Megatron's name to the heavens!"
"Oh, for spark's sake..."

Lugnut and Megatron. Sometimes, the fanatic thing just gets ridiculous.

"I vill choose this fighter jet. [changes to angry face] No, de assault tank! [changes back back and forth between faces] Jet! Tank! De jet! Tank! Jet! Tank! [changes to crazy face] Oh, why not scan both?"

Crazy Blitzwing being the voice of reason for a change.

"You want me to spend the next ten mega-cycles alone on a spaceship at the bottom of Lake Erie with this...protoform?!
"Well, I'm not helping you leave, and I'm definitely not working with some...grumpy old bot!"

Ratchet and Sari Sumdac learn they're work partners.

"Help. Give me a hand! Or—or a foot? How about a pelvis?!"

Crazy Blitzwing, unusually excited about being in pieces.

"I'll help you downgrades, but only if you pledge undying allegiance to me!"

Starscream—the bitch is back.

Other notes

Continuity errors

Transformers references

  • The initial scene with the lunar rover is highly reminiscent of the destruction of the Mars probe in the live-action movie. The two Decepticons' appearance on Earth as crash-landing meteorites also harks back to the film.
  • The construction workers seen where Blitzwing and Lugnut first land are wearing outfits inspired by Spike and Sparkplug from Generation 1.
  • The police cars that appear after Lugnut and Blitzwing lands in the military base bear some resemblance to Barricade's car form.
  • When Ratchet activates the Ark's cannon, it bears incredible resemblance to G1 Omega Supreme's head.

Real-world references

  • When Lugnut overpowers Bulkhead, he makes a comment saying "Nothing moves Lugnut," similar to the minor X-men villain The Blob.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This is the fourth episode in which Sari has received direct warnings about misuse of her Key. The Allspark seems to have chosen the "tough love" approach and scared the message into her. How long this will last is up for debate. Bets will now be taken.

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