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Jazz says goodbye to the EDC. Spike and Bumblebee fight urban crime. Oh, and Megatron's back.

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 > Issue #9
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Writer: James McDonough and Adam Patyk
Pencils: Don Figueroa
Inks: Elaine To
Colors: Espen Grundetjern
Letters: Ben Lee


Hidden within the Wastelands of Cybertron, Astrotrain and Blitzwing consider having some fun by using the guns to destroy a wandering derelict they've picked up on the scanners. Shockwave stops the two goons from taking actions that would jeopardize his long-term planning. The two Triple Changers go outside to personally identify the empty, but as soon as Blitzwing recognizes it as one of Megatron's old seeker drones, it seizes Blitzwing's face. Astrotrain blasts the drone's head off, and Blitzwing slices the drone in half. As the two return to their base, victorious, they're ambushed by Razorclaw!

Inside the base, Shockwave becomes frustrated with a string of mechanical problems, when he, too is ambushed. Dreamwave comics have a lot of ambushing.

On Earth, Hot Rod relaxes by destroying some Decepticon practice targets. His training then takes him into confrontation with Kup, who forces Hot Rod into a lake using only rocks and physical contact. But Hot Rod wins the holographic training exercise by using his back-up firearm to cause a tree to collapse on Kup. The two debate if Hot Rod's victory could be considered legitimate, when Kup reveals that Springer was the real winner—hanging out with Arcee.

Springer (on his hot date, with Arcee at landing platform A) watches Prowl's team take off to return to Earth. Arcee feels irrelevant, staying behind on Cybertron while the other warriors return to protect Earth, but Springer reminds Arcee how valuable she is to her friends.

Aboard the shuttle, Prowl reminds Huffer how important Huffer is to the crew of the new mission, and together they say goodbye to Cybertron again.

On Quintessa, the locals plot an internal assault against the Autobots. They also seem to have a fascination with Hot Rod, who has an affinity with the object, and the Quintessons plan to get at Hot Rod using… Arcee?

At the EDC base in Area 51, Jazz says goodbye to an Autobot-hungry Marissa. Before she can get further with her crush, Ratchet and the Orion arrive to retrieve the repaired Autobots, leaving Marissa without any love.

Living on the roads in Cincinnati, Spike and Bumblebee drive around a bad part of town, pouring out their emotions to each other—the sight of a man yelling at his own car drawing some strange looks from the ladies. Seconds later, a call for help prompts Spike to rush to save the same lady from a mugger. When the mugger takes out a gun, Spike is saved by his giant robot friend.

Back on Cybertron, Shockwave stands literally disarmed by Megatron. Megatron explains how being abandoned in space led to him revitalizing his hunger for conquest, as the drones attach a containment device onto Shockwave's stump. Shockwave is re-introduced to the Predacons—and the fact that his crew (with the exception of Blitzwing) have joined Megatron. With an army at his ready, Megatron announces the goal of his conquest: Earth!


"It doesn't really count as a victory lad, if you ain't around to celebrate, does it lad?"


"Spare me the melodrama, Shockwave-- it doesn't suit you.
The old Megatron may have disposed of you for petty revenge… but your treachery and my struggle to return have taught me to temper such unbridled emotion.
You are currently too valuable for me to carelessly dispose of…"


"Foolish Shockwave, not only did I locate them, I also improved them.
Isn't that usually your area of expertise?"


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