Lori is a human from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

A cranky female annoyed by her immature male companions. I discern a trend.

Lori is an adolescent female human who assists the Autobots during the search for the Cyber Planet Keys. Raised in the city, her family recently moved to rural Colorado, a place she hates. While she certainly outshines her friends Bud and Coby in the social arena, she is not perfect, and more often than not, she can be reduced to immature shouting matches with Coby. She has a very intense... rivalry with Coby.

During the battle to save Cybertron from the Unicron Singularity, Lori befriended Override (Override being "Big Sister" and Lori "Little Sister") and Scourge, leaders of Velocitron and the Jungle Planet. She also quickly developed a deep and abiding hatred of the female Decepticon "floozy" Thunderblast.

Lori is a particular influence on the powerful Scourge; a constant and disquieting reminder to the dictator of his onetime desire to protect the weak that lay at the root of his quest for power... and that strength is more than merely physical.


Cybertron cartoon

Voice actor: Sarah Edmondson (English), Rika Morinaga (Japanese)

Coby sure is a lucky man.


Everyone smile and say...OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS BEHIND YOU?! #AutoPhotobombed

Over the course of her time with the Transformers, her longtime friendship with Coby developed into something far more, developing into a dating relationship after the destruction of the Unicron Singularity and Galvatron, even though her father vocally objected to her having a boyfriend at her age. Many years after the four colony world ships were sent to the far corners of the universe to expand the Space Bridge, she and Coby married.

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Fun Publications Cybertron comics


Lori is a white-skinned female with black hair and brown eyes. She has two main outfits: one is a black, sleeveless jacket over a red dress, an orange belt, and black boots. The other is a red T-shirt that's white at the chest and back over a black, long-sleeve undershirt, khaki pants, and red sneakers with white bottoms, toes and laces.



  • According to TV Aichi's Galaxy Force webpage, Lori is 13 years old at the start of the cartoon series.
  • Early Galaxy Force promotional materials depicted a Lori with short, blonde hair. Her costume was similar to the final Lori, only without the vest.
  • In one episode she challenged Thunderblast to a direct fight. No seriously. It's no wonder some Transformers consider Humans to be idiotic.
  • In the same episode she was able to order Wing Saber and Scourge around because they were afraid of her being angry at him (Why wouldn't they be?)
  • From the episode "Titans" and onwards, Lori changes her outfit.
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