Lord Chumley is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.

Lord Chumley: British freak

Lord Chumley is a vengeful big-game hunter who uses advanced (and extremely goofy) technology to stalk and bag the most dangerous and exotic creatures on the planet. He is tended to by the elderly Dinsmoore.

"Drat! Outsmarted by a lorry! I am disgraced!"
―Lord Chumley demonstrates correct use of the Queens' English[["Prime Target"| [src]]]


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Peter Renaday (English)

Lord Chumley's huge-ass trophy room, with experimental (tiny) jet at right. Sure beats collecting stamps!

Lord Chumley shot down an experimental Russian jet piloted by Oktober Guard One, sparking an international incident when the USSR blamed America for the theft. Both nations placed their armed forces on full alert, and a special session of the UN Security Council was called to discuss the escalating tensions.

Chumley, however, had his eye on a far greater prize: the head of the ultimate prey, the Autobot Optimus Prime.

Doesn't Palisades make this?

Chumley kidnapped several of Prime's teammates using wildly implausible traps, and then invited Prime to come rescue them from some very easily escapable torments. Prime responded, traversing a "carefully researched" booby-trapped mock-up of Cybertron... Who knew Cybertron had Hojoni?

The Decepticons, having caught wind of Chumley's successful capture of multiple Autobots, sent the Triple Changers Astrotrain and Blitzwing to negotiate with Chumley. However, the two ended up falling for some of the traps Prime didn't. Infuriated, Chumley chained up the Decepticons to deal with them later while he continued his attempts to capture Prime.

Prime was soon entrapped by Chumley's "greatest creation," a giant robotic black widow spider, but not for long. When Prime reached Chumley's castle and started chasing Chumley, the hunter freed his Decepticon prisoners to fight for him; instead, they tried to squish Chumley. The two were denied revenge by the appearance of the now-free Autobots and flew away, leaving Chumley to the Autobots' mercies.

Prime returned the stolen jet to the USSR, with Chumley tied to its nose - appropriately enough, like a hunting trophy. The crisis came to an end. Prime Target


In 2005, Lord Chumley was a member of the Concurrence, an organization dedicated to ridding Earth of all Transformers. They allied with the Decepticons to disrupt the human-Autobot alliance and aided in the theft of some Autobot bodyframes.


  • "Chumley" is how the name "Cholmondeley" (of Old English origin) is pronounced.
  • "Lord Chumley's" is also the name of a chain of fish and chip restaurants in real life. He should be hunting this guy.
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